A Vista of San Francisco in Black and White under heavy storm clouds

This Thing that Happened

this thing that happened
that I can’t undo
that makes
me feel dirty and wounded

and this pain

and this grief

and this wish

to forget

to make
it go


so I can





Rob Goldstein (c) 2017 All Rights Reserved

22 thoughts on “This Thing that Happened

    1. Thank you my friend. I woke up with such anxiety today that I didn’t have the concentration to respond to comments on my blog. Yours was the first I saw. I appreciate your words of support. Thank you!


      1. Waking up with anxiety is an awful way to wake up to the day. It can be so paralyzingly. I have not read but two blogs today and yours was one of them. My brain was too full but I really could feel what you had written and wanted you to know that. Just because others have not seen your value does not lessen it. Your importance on this earth is seen and felt by many. Your mother’s loss!

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  1. The more you get these feelings out in the open…the more healing it is..some things just stay with you and accepting that might be healing in itself…There are many ways to lead to the goal. xx

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    1. I can’t describe how triggering the debate over Roy Moore is. This America, the one with the corrupt government and the racist officials who will sacrifice the lives and the bodies of our children to adhere to an irrational and barbaric ideology–this is the South of my childhood.

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