The Day the Russia Data Machine Kicked into Turbo!

from Tea Pain

Tea Pain

It is said when you commit a crime, you make 20 mistakes.  If you can remember 10 of them, you’re a genius.  This means that even the slickest criminals leave a trail of bread crumbs that will trace back to the crime. In the case of the Trump Tower-Alfa Bank-Spectrum Health data transfer mystery, Tea Pain just found a doozy!


We know from public data packets that a Trump Tower data server had mysteriously talked to Russia’s Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan from May 2016 til September 2016.   Funny thing is that for the first couple of months, the “Data Machine” was just idlin’, talkin’ once or twice a day, indicatin’ there was little or no communication goin’ on.

Alfa Chart Blank

But in late June, 2016, the “Russia Data Machine” kicked into turbo!  What changed?  What prompted this sudden burst in activity? Tea Pain loaded all the…

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