Section of a wall mural on Valencia Street in San Francisco that depicts a dung beetle crawling on a microphone

Chit-Chat with a Narcissist

Narcissist on the phone, frantic: I left for a month without giving you the
money I owe you; why didn’t you remind me?

Me: Because you lie to me, then verbally abuse me when I confront you about it. I’ve already said I won’t contact you until you apologize for both in writing. 

Narcissist on the phone, a tone of concern: But you said you needed the money!

Me: Add gaslighting to the list of abuses for which I want an apology. Bye.

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6 thoughts on “Chit-Chat with a Narcissist

    1. This is another comment that went into the wormhole for a couple of weeks before arriving in my spam folder. Narcissists are frustrating. They have a sickness they can control. It’s a moral sickness. They know when they are lying and they know when they are hurting the people they say they love; they just don’t care. The worst thing you can do to them is hold them accountable.


    1. Yes..especially when a psychopath worms his or her way into people’s lives. Right now Alabama is preparing to tell her sons and daughters that the integrity of their minds and bodies are less important than party affiliation.


    1. If you don’t do it they’ll walk all over you. They feed on conflict and they prey on people who had abusive parents and thus normalized the suffering.
      The only reason I have them in my life is that I didn’t know this crap wasn’t normal. 🙂 Thanks for reading the post and leaving a comment. 🙂


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