Photo of Hank the Hedehog taken by Danica Piche of the Living a Beautiful Life Blog

December’s Featured Blogger: Danica of Living a Beautiful Life

This month my featured blogger is Danica of the Living a Beautiful Life Blog

Her writing has a wonderful sense of adventure.

  1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging despite the fact that I had no idea what I was doing.  I created Living a Beautiful Life when I left the hospital emergency and was waiting to learn whether I’d need eye surgery or would simply lose my eyesight.  Living a Beautiful Life is my first blog and I hope to continue for a long time.

  1. I’m glad you didn’t lose your eyesight: What caused the doctors so much concern?

I’m not sure I want to go into more detail…the medical stuff kind of creeps me out.  It was the result of injury though, not a condition or degenerative issue.

Would it be fair to say that the crisis over the potential loss of your eyesight precipitated a crisis of identity?

Interesting question.  I love reading – and have since I learned how to read.  When I was a kid a big treat for me meant going to the bookstore and picking a book to bring home.  I’ve always felt that one of the best gifts I’ve ever received is exposure to books, and how fortunate I am to be literate.  When I was at risk of losing my eyesight, I thought, “Oh no!  Why can’t it be a limb or something else?”  It would be fair to say my identity is wrapped up in reading, ideas and learning.  Writing was always on the horizon for me and the possibility of leaving that unexpressed was devastating.



“No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you’ve already had.”

~ Gabriel García Márquez


  1. When was the first time you felt an urge to write?

I’ve wanted to write for most of my life.  I only started taking that vague notion off the back burner and putting it into action with my blog.


  1. How did you decide on the name, ‘Living a Beautiful Life?

When I started my blog I didn’t know what I’d write about or even what my general theme would be.  I thought about having a tiny speck of a space on the internet – what that would mean and what I wanted to contribute.  On a fundamental level, I believe there is always room for more beauty in the world and it wouldn’t hurt to focus on that.


Digital photograph of a Hedgehog
For more about Hank the Hedgehog click here
  1. You say you knew nothing the day you started your blog, what have you learned about blogging and bloggers since that day.

    I’ve learned the importance of what I call “blogging your love”.  The closer to my heart a blog post is, the more rewarding it is for me to write and publish.  It’s also more risky too; it just matters more.  I still expect to hear crickets when I post something.  Reader response is amazing.  The fact that one other human reads something I wrote and takes time to comment just tickles me.  I also enjoy reading other blogs and getting to know other bloggers.  The blogging community is amazing and I’m so lucky to be a part of it.~ Danica – (Living a Beautiful Life blog)




41 thoughts on “December’s Featured Blogger: Danica of Living a Beautiful Life

  1. I thought “blogging your love ” superb advise. I have read some blogs that I thought were replacement for therapy. Okay a few posts I suppose but not in my opinion a magnet for an audience in the long term.

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    1. There’s a difference between writing a mental health advocate and expecting strangers to fix you. It’s easy to get the two confused because it’s hard to write the experience of coping with a chronic mental illness without writing about pain and feelings of isolation. My most recent post was on the issue of isolation, the idea of wanting to be with people but feeling too ‘weird and crazy’ to have friends; that’s
      as much a symptom of stigma as it is illness.

      It’s true that I write poetry and I write about politics but all of my writing is linked to my deep political belief that stigmatized people empower themselves by publicly discussing their lives. When I write about therapy, it’s because so many people in the United States have no access to it. In fact, some Americans may be blogging for therapy because the United States has one of the worst mental health systems in the world.

      Our best system of care is lethally inadequate.

      I’m glad you left this comment because you helped me to clarify my thoughts on topic.

      Sometimes I don’t know what I think until I have to think about it.

      Happy New Year! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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    1. Thank you very much, Christy! Yes, it was a shock and the great outcome is that it made me realize how important writing is to me. When I’m not reading, lol. I know you understand! 🙂

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  2. I am still waiting for the interview with Hank.
    Oh the stories that hedgehig could tell.
    What about the time he snuck onto the Def Leppard tour bus and lured away those groupies?
    Or the time he arm wrestled Zach Wylde to see who was buying a round of drinks.
    He certainly is no choir hog. Even Keith Richards thinks he’s too crazy.

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    1. He’s been laying low since he’s been under house arrest. He was preoccupied with escape attempts but seems to have resigned himself somewhat, for the time being anyway. He’s so bored right now he’d probably welcome an interview!

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      1. This explains why he’s usually in the exact same spot after he’s left alone for hours!
        Throws suspicion right off….
        It also explains why the laptop is always mysteriously turned on.

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      2. I have been reading about the hedgehog mafia.
        I bet Hank is in the witness protectin progeam.
        The gangaters usually call in code.
        If they say things like duct clean and/or lower your interest rate they may have found him.

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  3. Awesome interview.

    Danica, you are very fortunate indeed to have your sight, but your fellow bloggers are even more fortunate to have the visual ability to read your blogs.

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  4. Reblogged this on Living a Beautiful Life and commented:

    I’m so honored that the amazing Rob Goldstein has selected me as December’s Featured Blogger!
    Check out the interview at Art by Rob Goldstein for original content and never-before-seen photos of Hank the Hedgehog.

    I discovered that in addition to his artistic talent he also has impressive interview skills!

    Thank you, Rob!

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  5. Rob, thank you very much for this wonderful interview! I’m so honored you selected my blog to be featured.
    I’m impressed with your skills — you got to the heart of the in-depth interview and captured the essence.
    Thanks for being awesome! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your generous comment, G. You’ve made me smile!
      Rob did such an amazing job with this interview. Just when I think I’ve seen all his talents he comes up with more!

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Paula. I appreciate it and I’m glad you agree!
      Rob is such a great interviewer and I’m so honored that he featured my blog.

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