A map of the U.S. depicting flu outbreaks with most of it hitting parts of the South East

Get a Damned Flue Shot!

So here’s the deal. I have the flu.

If I let myself I would sleep 24 hours a day.

I’m all over the place emotionally, I mean,
“Why is my body doing this to me?”

animated gif that reads I'm in a glass case of emotion

The flu is hitting the U.S. early this year.

The header image is a CDC map of flu outbreaks in the United States.

Here’s stuff you need to know about the Flue Vaccine:

Myths about the flu vaccine
Flu Vaccine, facts and myths


A Map of where the flu is hitting hardest as of December 10, 2017
A Map of where the flu is hitting hardest as of December 10, 2017

Now back to my feverish hallucinations:

An animated Gif of make up being drawn on on a photo of Vladimir Putin
Say hi to Aunt Vlad!

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37 thoughts on “Get a Damned Flue Shot!

  1. Having the flu is true misery. I had it a number of years ago and thought it would never end. Tamiflu helped lessens it.
    I am so sorry you are sick with it. It is an ache I will never forget.
    I can’t get the vaccine because I have lyme disease and I can get no vaccine. Which sucks because if I get the flu now with my muscle disease pneumonia kills many with muscle diseases like mine because we cannot cough well and it settles.
    Anyway, flu season scares me!!!!!! I go a little wild on the alcohol wipes and carry one in my wheelchair and wipe off every table and things I come in contact with. My husband gets home from work and his phone, watch, keys, all sanitized. I know there is only so much one can do though.
    Hoping you get over this quickly and stay hydrated!

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    1. This is a horrible flu. I wake up thinking it’s gone and within 20 minutes I’m ready to go back to sleep. You have to be extra cautious with a compromised cough reflex. The danger of the flu is that it settles into the lungs and becomes pneumonia! Keep wiping things down. I’m sure I got this from riding the bus.

      Next time I’m at a Walgreen’s I’ll buy alcohol wipes in your honor.

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      1. That makes me smile! Honored by alcohol wipes. Yes! I like that!
        I remember thinking I was ok and as soon as I got up and walked around for a few minutes I went right back to sleep. I had it for 3 weeks the last go around and the fever really dehydrated me. I feel awful you are going through it!

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      2. I hope not!!!! My husband got it and was sick for a week. We think my crashed immune system due to lyme really kept me down awhile. I just could not kick it! After I got IV fluids it helped me A LOT. Plus a shot of antibiotic to clear out my lungs(i know it’s viral but it turned bacterial in my lungs). Here is hoping you kick this thing quick! Iknow it is pure misery. Like cannot force yourself to move! Sweat through sheets all night. Just misery.

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      3. I got it one year and took tamiflu and it cut the time in half. I don’t have good luck with the flu but forever more i will use tamiflu if i get it and can catch it in time

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      4. I hate to go all motherly on you but it’s about to happen…….you can breathe steam over a boiling pot of water on the stove to break up congestion. You can also drink 2 liters of fluid, some of being gatorade to put back any electrolytes you may lose with the fever. Make sure you are really hydrated. I use something from nutramedix called takuna which is an herbal supplement that attacks viruses. I use it because it can be mixed with my other meds i take for seizures.
        Listen to your body though. Don’t push it. If it needs rest, let it rest.

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  2. Totally disagree about the flu shots – wouldn’t get one if you paid me £1,000 – make that more! Much better to work on your natural health and immunity to my mind. It works, (tried and proven) and no side effects (other than increased energy and feel good stuff!)
    Still, debate aside, so sorry you’re feeling sick, hope you get better soon. Like they all said rest up, + healthy food, lots of water, some happy stuff to watch/listen to and don’t stop all that till you are fully recovered. Everyone is in such a rush to get back to work/study in case they miss something (money?) they don’t let their body get fully better then they wonder why they come down with the next thing going around. I know you’d rather get a shot lol!

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    1. This is a nasty one. I’m still sick with it. It’s at that phase where I have just enough energy to feel restless but not enough energy to do anything. Thanks for the good wishes. I think people should always do what they think is best for themselves based on the best evidence they can find. As our bodies change the way we manage our health should change as well. I didn’t start getting flue shots until I started getting the flue. Thanks for the visit. 🙂

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    1. I always feel as if I’m behind on my blog. I lose so much time because of the DID. I guess I feel that if I am aware and have use of my fingers I should do what I can to keep up. But I’m going back to sleep when I finish these replies. Thanks! 🙂

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  3. Sorry Robert, you got the flu! Yep, get a flu shot people. At least you’ll have some protection against the horrid viruses! 🎄🎄🎄 Feel better! Christine

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