Digitally altered snapshot of a brother and sister as children. The snapshot is processed to create the effect of looking backwards though someone's eye


A snapshot of you

perched on a Pony

Mommy holds you up:

your curly blond hair

almost transparent

that bright November

day. The image


nothing left

but the memory

of your sunlit


but it seems


lost that too.

There is always

more to lose.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights reserved

38 thoughts on “Afterimage

  1. You wouldnt think an empty tank could still be robbed and yet it can be.
    Beautifully and painfully captured here

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      1. She was my Sister and my only sibling. We had mixed feelings about each other: she preferred to pretend that we weren’t abused and I just couldn’t. For all of that, I loved her. Thank you for leaving such a supportive comment.

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      2. My twin brother refused to acknowledge the abuse too. It was and still is painful.
        But it seems you two still felt love. That loss is felt deeply

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      1. The primary symptoms of my are DID loss of time and memory gaps. A gap in memory is not the same as forgetting. It’s more like not knowing. Different alternates do different things. One alternate writes about politics and another alternate writes poems. Neither of those alternates is aware of what the other has done. One alternate makes abstracts and a another one takes nature shots. Those two donโ€™t know each other either. Different alternates interact with different people on different social networks. I may have one or two alternates who know about the survivorโ€™s network but most of us don’t know. We log into wordpress, write a post or post a photo, respond to comments then ‘switch’ to something else.

        Sometimes the switch happens in the middle of a comment; I never know.

        It’s confusing to have and difficult to understand. I have not cut back on re-blogging my work; most
        of the time, I just donโ€™t remember.

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      2. One of the reasons I’m so reluctant to meet people in person is that I worry about how the DID looks in person. When Bobby comes out on the blog it’s easy to imagine that you’re dealing with a young person, but I don’t know how it looks in real life, though my partner says it’s charming. But many obnoxious things can seem charming to someone who loves you! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thanks for the good wishes!

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