Dissociative Identity Disorder: The Problem with Pictures

“ You peer into the mirror and have trouble recognizing yourself. You can’t remember whether you actually did something. . . or only thought you did. You feel as though you’re just going through the motions of life.”

The Stranger in the Mirror.

Collage Portrait in torn paper

When someone shows me a picture of what they say is me I look at it and smile and thank them.

I never tell them what I see.

Portion of a 3-D Collage on Clarion Alley


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Spy Maids! (In Color) Episode 8: Look what you did!

THUR, Jan 25
10:00 PM Spy Maids! (in Color)

Episode 8: Look what you did!

After murdering a mobster and leaving a mess, Spy Maids pursues a sloppy serial killer, “’cause we don’t get paid enough to clean up after every Zodiac wanna-be in San Francisco!”

Diana Rigg, Shirley Jones, Barbara Billingsley and Jerry Mathers as the Killer.