Photograph of a mannequin in a cleaning supply house store window

Spy Maids! (in Color) Ep. 8

THUR, Jan 25
10:00 PM Spy Maids! in Color

Episode 8: Look what you did!

After murdering a mobster and leaving a mess, Spy Maids pursues a sloppy serial killer, “’cause we don’t get paid enough to clean up after every Zodiac wanna-be in San Francisco!”

Diana Rigg, Shirley Jones, Barbara Billingsley and Jerry Mathers as the killer.

13 thoughts on “Spy Maids! (in Color) Ep. 8

  1. Ah…it really is a mannequin then. This is too cool, Rob. Terrific intro — research geek that I am, I couldn’t resist Googling the concept. So I gather it’s from your own fabulous imagination. Fun. Hugs.


    1. Oh you don’t need mad loot…all you need is an email address. These are shots of a mannequin in a cleaning supplies window in the Mission. They were shot with a Blackberry in 2011 and Photoshopped to death.

      If this is one that you like I’ll send it out to you in the next day or so….:)

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