A Russian Facebook that makes a false connection between the persistance of the KKK and the demise of the Black Panthers

If you based your vote on Russian Facebook ads you were tricked

I finally had a long hard look at Russia’s 2016 Facebook ads.

The Vladster had a Facebook Page for everyone.

Were you a Blacktivist? Vlad was there with a false story
to convince you your government
has always hated you:

A Russian Facebook that makes a false connection between the persistance of the KKK and the demise of the Black Panthers
A Russian Facebook Ad that falsely claims the Black Panthers were founded to fight the KKK

Actually, the Black Panther’s formed as an armed citizens’ patrol to monitor the behavior of officers of the Oakland Police Department and challenge police brutality in Oakland, California. The Justice Department was formed to fight the KKK.

Are you LGBTQ? Vlad wants you to think of Bernie Sanders as a gay rights
superhero (especially ‘Berniacs’ who didn’t know Clinton and Sanders held
the same positions on Gay Rights):

A russian facebook ad that depicts Bernie Sanders as a gay superhero
Vlad says color me Bernie!

Or maybe you’re concerned about Police Brutality and the killings of
unarmed African-Americans:


A russian facebook page purporting to be against police Brutality
A Russian Facebook Page against police brutality

Perhaps you wondered if Black Lives Matter was a problem:

A Russian Facebook ad that blames Black Lives Matter for Policeman's death
Did you wonder if ‘Black Lives Matter’ was the problem?

Or maybe you were a ‘Woke Black’ willing to think the ‘Democrat welfare
state’ keeps Black People down:


A Russian Facebook page called 'Woke Blacks"
A Russian Facebook Page for ‘Woke Blacks’

If you were a white supremacist who kept his racist shit to himself, Vladdy
was there to set you free, with this:

A Russian Facebook ad for Southern Heritage
Or maybe you were a White Racist who kept it to himself.

And this:

A 2016 Facebook Ad defaming Latino Immigrants
A hypothetical Immigrant crossed our border to have a hypothetical baby that deprives a hypothetical vet of his or her benefits

And this:

A Russian Facebook ad attacking Muslim Women: ban the Buurka
A Russian Facebook ad attacking Muslims

And these:

A Russian Facebook Ad defaming Liberals
A Russian Facebook ad defaming liberals and Mexicans.
A russian Facebook ad that creates a false dichotomy between citizens and Refugees
Hypothetical Citizens before Hypothetical refugees

And if you happen to hate Trump, Vladdy has a Facebook page for you, too!

A 'Not my President anti-Trump Facebook page
A Russian anti-Trump Facebook Page.

Information is your best defense against Russian bullshit.

Animated Gif that says 'All the Lies and All the Bullshit
found on GIPHY

If you see one or more of the following 15 points in a news story, or hear them used by a public figure be suspicious:

  • A black and white division of the world into “ours” and the “alien” other;
  • Epithets that imply more than they describe;
  • Constant assertions that those supporting Putin or Trump are more numerous and united.  (The results of manipulated and flawed polls are often used to support such assertions);
  • Empty declarations that mean nothing but seem to promise or
    prove everything;
  • Playing games with cause and effect, often reversing their true order;
  • Making false accusations but not providing proof;
  • A vicious circle or tautology where the second part of an
    assertion is simply a repetition of the first;
  • Confusing the part with the whole by focusing on only one part
    of something such as liberals within the opposition;
  • Creating false dilemmas that don’t exist;
  • Careful preparation of headlines which are the only thing
    most people pay attention to;
  • Citations to experts, often false and even more often out of context;
  • Claiming all media reports when only one media outlet does;
  • Using weasel words like “so-called” or “it would appear” to give an appearance of objectivity;
  • Outright falsification; and
  • Conspiracy theories and suggestion of hidden motives.

The 15 Point Propaganda Check List is from Euromaidan Press

Russian Facebook ads found at the NYT and Google Search

47 thoughts on “If you based your vote on Russian Facebook ads you were tricked

  1. Dear Rob,

    Thanks for an outstanding and informative blog.

    You were warning about this ages ago. And we were pulling our hair out over all the negative “Fake News”material on social media sites against Mrs. Clinton.

    I have a comment from a frequent commentor on my blog that I’ll refer to by initials as 1EU.

    What is your opinion?

    Here is comment:

    FEBRUARY 17, 2018 AT 12:34 AM EDIT

    “The bottom line: will SC Mueller indict Trump for collusion or at the very least obstruction? If not, then this is just a lame dog and pony show. Indicting Russians is meaningless, US has no jurisdiction over Russian Nationals; even on legal grounds, Russia does not share an extradition treaty with the US. ”

    “Those criminal hackers will never pay for their “criminal interference”…. if you consider manipulating social media a “criminal act”.

    “The charges include violations of campaign finance laws, conspiracy and identity theft and failing to register as agents of a foreign government.”
    LOL, Russian hackers are among the elite, savviest cyber-criminals in the world. They are virtual ghosts, mercenaries of the digital domain. They cannot be traced nor identified, not by the NSA, CIA and certainly not by lowly ignorant FBI agents!”

    “You do realize they don’t even need to set foot on US soil to wreck havoc. Hacking is done remotely thru offshore shell corps – routed via proxy servers and private VPNs. They literally could be anyone, anywhere on planet, truly anonymous. “fancy bear and cozy bear” are merely covers conjured by our IC to scapegoat “russian hackers”.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    1. The dog and pony show unleashed by Putin via WikiLeaks requires an even more forceful dog and pony show from the United States. The Indictments inform our NATO Allies that the United States suffered an attack, I’m certain that NATO has already mobilized its resources in our defense. The indictments also spell out the method of attack.

      Your writer is a troll; the arrogant and provocative tone of voice designed to incite a defensive and emotional response.

      He proudly admits that the Russian Federation is a global criminal conspiracy that uses the ‘savviest cyber-criminals in the world’ to spread cheesy conspiracy theories to the world’s semi-
      literates. Oooh!…I’m shaking!

      These oh so savvy cyber-crooks weren’t perceptive enough to realize that attacking the U.S. would tip off other democratic nations who would use the information to protect themselves.

      Le Penn in France was the first loss Putin suffered because of this strategic error, and I doubt that his
      campaign of innuendo and smear is going to unseat Trudeau in Canada.

      The truth is a lethal weapon against liars who think they are invisible.

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      1. Dear Rob,

        Your idea for a small army to turn the tables on these Russian trolls sounds wonderful. They need a bit of their own medicine.

        Thanks for your opinion.

        Hugs, Gronda

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    1. Hi Teagan, thanks for the comment. The whole thing has me stressed out. It’s almost intolerable to watch this much sickness in our government. I’m beginning to wonder why I even bother with therapy when so many people are content to inflict their sickness on us.

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      1. I hate to say it, but #45 would fit right in with the execs at my agency — and they were in place long before he was “elected.” No wonder my health has gone to hell, living in this place.
        Here’s to better thoughts.

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  2. If you use facebook ads for anything…. DONT!!!
    Lately I cannot even watch TV much less scroll through facebook.
    I am very open minded, and I am ever changing in my perception, perspective, and I like to think I grow in wisdom and acceptance of all views.
    This week on grey’s anatomy, a show that i watch to keep my mind off of everything my mind wants to senselessly go to, was just ruined.
    They created a scenario that was completely unrealistic involving cops. Then they had an entire scene where they taught this little boy , african american boy, how to not get shot by the cops.
    My husband has been a police officer for over 20 years. He just retired from the force and is now working in another field of law enforcement. Living with him, watching him, the stories and experiences of those who he held in his arms after trauma, saved from danger, drove home because they were alone…I could go on. People will say I am biased because of my husband’s job as if I do not know there are bad seeds in all jobs from Mcdonalds to Target to the Senate. But to generalize. That is what I do not like. I do not like a subject to be generalized as if ALL do THIS and THIS IS WHY.
    Ok I have gotten off on a tangent that for some reason was brought to the surface by your post on facebook ads. Don’t know how this happened but I kind of just let it flow!

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    1. This difficult problem is exacerbated by media profiteers who pander to people’s worst fears. It’s a fact that there are good cops, it’s a fact that bad ones shoot innocent people, it’s a fact that African-Americans are more likely to be the targets of racist white cops and it’s a fact that most cops want the killing to stop. Perhaps these Facebook ads elicited a strong response because they are an exercise in gaslighting. I’ve never talked to a survivor who isn’t familiar with abusive mixed messages designed to distract, confuse, scapegoat and blame. The most disgusting thing about Putin’s ads is their callous and cynical disregard for facts. I recommend a strong letter to the station and to the show’s producers. It’s very empowering. 🙂


      1. At least there are a few of us that can see the truth beyond the lies that are spread.
        A letter is a great idea.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. There is an interesting article on Cold War Era disinformation in the Washington Post. A Russian Disinfo operation successfully spread the rumor that AIDS was manufactured in the U.S. in the 1980’s but it didn’t have the impact of these Facebook ads. Putin used Social Media to weaponize disinformation in ways that were impossible during the Cold War. Putin’s operatives used Facebook and Twitter to micro-target specific groups with specific fears. I’m still reviewing these ads and they are different with the same themes: The FBI is out to get you, Democracy is completely corrupt, Trump is synonymous with Jesus, and Clinton IS the devil. Pretty much the crap someone who listens to Fox Entertainment might hear. Here’s that WP article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/global-opinions/wp/2017/10/09/how-putins-russia-uses-soviet-era-tricks-to-evoke-racist-white-fears/?utm_term=.7ec8295d9434


      1. 😦 No wonder Russia is so good at this cultural sabotage. I’m just amazed that the US intelligence services didn’t cotton on to this sooner. Or perhaps they did but were powerless to stop it because of the financial power wielded by companies such as Facebook.

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      2. McConnell obstructed the release of the information. McConnell Refused To Sign Bipartisan Statement On Russian Interference

        I discovered an interesting fact while doing some research into functional illiteracy. 32 million Americans are semi literate. That’s 32 million people who can barely read and write. They tend to live in rural areas and are the most vulnerable to emotional appeals. <

        img src=”https://robertmgoldstein.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/ban-the-burka-in-the-u-s-russian-facebook-ad.png” alt=”An Illogical Emotional Appeal” /> 32 Million people are functionally illiterate


      3. Gawd…talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can understand why the Obama administration didn’t make that info. public, but it sort of makes you wonder about the value of truth. 😦

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      4. it was the Fox entertainment network that normalized divisive rhetoric and Newt Gingrich who introduced the GOP to the wonders of demonizing political opposition. It’s Fox that acts as the conduit from the fringe to the mainstream.


      5. Yeah, but I have no idea if he actually espouses those hard right sentiments or is simply getting off on the power of manipulating people. 😦

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      6. That figure on literacy is shocking, but if you consider that the total population is roughly 300M, that’s only about 10%. I did a quick search on Australian figures and they’re about the same so I suspect the way children are taught may have a lot to do with it [Australia copied the US ‘Whole Language’ method and is still refusing to give it up]. Of course, kids who come from higher socio economic backgrounds get extra help with their literacy so being poor and coming from a family that doesn’t value academic learning also has a lot to do with it.
        -sigh- I’m biased against the whole language method because my offspring was one of the many who didn’t get the ‘guess what words mean’ way of teaching.
        Getting back to the main issue though, yes, the greater the lack of education, the greater the impact of emotional appeals. 😦

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      7. In a democracy the leaders are always a reflection of the people who voted for them. The generation that bled the Government of its ability to sustain a healthy democracy has a lot to answer for. Thank you for this conversation, I’ll check in later tomorrow.


  3. I truly feel we have an illegitimate president due to outside influence. Yet we have done nothing to prevent it happening again in Nov. without he Russians and Comey’s outrageous interference 12 days prior to the election I don’t believe we would be under the thumb of the Trump regime.

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