35 thoughts on “The Rest is Silence

  1. I wrote a poem today that reminds me of this.
    I had my husband read it and he didn’t know what my poem meant. It meant at thousand things, a thousand thoughts, stemming from one nightmare but ….anyway I was curious of your thoughts.

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    1. It’s a dark poem with a lot of dense imagery. I found it confusing at first because it seemed to veer from dream space to politics but that’s not a bad thing; poems are meant to be re-read.


      1. What’s funny is that it had nothing to do with politics. Someone asked if the man on the hill was the president.
        Or if I was against religion or questioned God.
        I can tell you the dream.
        I was taken to a place behind tons of doors where women and men were being tested on and tortured. They had lost themselves. I wanted to be saved. A man was in charge. He only cared about his materialistic things and his showy behavior and hid all of us behind closed doors that would never be set free. The dream ended badly but i didnt want the poem to so when i went for my walk with the dream residue then i saw the flower and the sky and i ended the poem differently than intended. I wrote the poem in. A way that people could interpret it religiously, politically, vaccines, whatever they wanted. It was a dark terrible hopeless dream where god was intermingled in promises. I was awake almost 2 days after that dream. Thank you for commenting. I just did a photo shoot of myself that shows how it feels to be in a flashback or ptsd moment. I will post the picture later tonight. It’s how this dream made me feel too.

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      2. It represented my brother who lived on a hill of the lake, the man who abused me who lived on a hill on the opposite side of the lake who abused me, my father who never protected me…..the men on that hill SUCK. You can toss in the president too

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