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As Mary Was Here for God

Something in the way he moves, his grace, the
way he struts his stuff.

This I know, I want him, I want him in the worst
way; but my love for the Woman keeps me from
taking my man.

The Woman is here for me, as Mary was here for

I shall descend upon her tonight in a glittering
display of astral affection and leave her with
an ancient mystery;

I am the holy trinity in search of a womb.

ย  Image and Poem Rob Goldstein 1984-2018




23 thoughts on “As Mary Was Here for God

      1. You’re right. Dissociative alternates are defense mechanisms. The alternate that wrote during the AIDS epidemic mixed the pages to protect me from reading about it. Reading the pages out of order mitigates some of the pain of remembering which does bring order to the present. Of all of my work, the writing I’ve done everything to avoid is the writing about AIDS. You were spot on, Teagan.


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