Blackberry photograph of a poster made after Barack Obama's first presidency with the caption 'Yes we did."

Americans Know What We Want

November 4, 2008, over 69 million Americans give Barack Obama the
largest mandate of any previously elected President.

Four years later, over 65 Million Americans give Barack Obama the
second largest mandate in American history.

November 6, 2017, over 65 million Americans give Hillary Clinton a
mandate equal to Obama’s mandate of 2012.

America is not a divided Nation.

Americans know what we want; we’ve voted for it three times.

Just say NO to Russian Propaganda

Rob Goldstein 2018

Header image is a photo-shopped picture of a 2008 post-election Obama
poster (c) Rob Goldstein 2018

12 thoughts on “Americans Know What We Want

    1. He was a good President, Paula. I hope the U.S. can turn this around. It is obvious to anyone who is willing leave the right wing media bubble that the U.S. is under the control of a loud, racist minority.


  1. I did not vote this way 3 times and did not want any of it. America is indeed a very very divided nation. We know what we want. Fortunately or unfortunately it’s the opposite of what the other half wants. Actually the “we” seems to have evaporated. It’s us against them, them against us.

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    1. The statistics don’t back you up.

      My statement is based on numbers.

      Three quarters of those who voted, voted for Hillary Clinton.

      The only Presidential Candidate to win a larger mandate was Barack Obama.

      The largest numbers of votes cast in the three past elections were for the Democrat.

      Obama left office with a 60 percent approval rating, 4th behind Reagan, Clinton and Roosevelt.

      According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, only 37 percent of those polled view Trump favorably.

      Gallup gives Trump a 39% approval – 61% disapprove

      CNN/SSRS gives Trump a 35% approval – 65% disaproves.

      According to the Brookings 81 percent of those polled support DACA

      The Wall

      According to Pew (62%) percent of those polled were against a boarder wall and only 16% think Mexico should pay for it.

      Brookings says 59 percent oppose the wall.

      The Conspiracy with Russia:

      According to USA Today, 58% of those polled trust Robert Mueller’s Investigation. 57% say they have little or no trust in Trump’s denials.

      In November 2017, half of those polled by ABC believed that Trump committed a crime with Russia.

      According to Marist Polling 76% of those polled trust the FBI over Donald Trump

      The same poll found that 65% hold the FBI in high regard regardless of party affiliation.

      On the question of whose side people would pick between Trump and Mueller, Marist Polling found that 55% support Mueller compared to 30% who support Trumps.

      A February 25th CNN/SSRS poll found that 70% of those polled support stricter gun regulation.

      63% of those polled by USA today support a ban on semi-automatic weapons.

      According to Quinnipiac 53% of those polled think Trump is trying to obstruct the investigation into Russia.

      I use multiple sources of media, primarily with a center/right bias; I do not use partisan sources for factual data.

      Most of these polls are dated February 2018 except where indicated.

      The numbers say Americans are not divided.

      Divided is 50/50.

      The majority of those polled consistently say they want a more progressive and active government.


    1. Robert Mueller’s indictments describe in objective detail the scope of the Russian attack on the United States and our Electoral System and Putin’s strategic objective.

      58.6 percent of all eligible voters voted in the 2016 election. Clinton won over 65 million votes from a larger pool of voters.

      She won 48.2% of all of the votes counted.

      Trump (allegedly) won slightly less than 63 million votes or 46.1% of the vote.

      I think we will find evidence of vote rigging in the swing states.


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