Welcome to Your Song — A Community Collaboration!

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Living a Beautiful Life

I’m delighted to present Your Song — a community collaboration!


On March 3rd some of the blogging world’s brightest beacons shine a light on that alluring element of the art world:  singers/songwriters.

These badass bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bloggers contribute a kaleidoscope of reviews, career highlights, biographical stories, montages, listicles, unusual experiences, memories, personal anecdotes, fictional works and more.

They’re a warm, welcoming and chin-wagging group so swing by and share your thoughts on each unique contribution!


(This list will be updated through March 3rd, 2018, and probably March 4th as well — There’s still lots of time to join in!)

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I Wanna Be Your Hedgeho-o-oggggg!

Ok…Let’s Do the Dawg!

Hank the Hedgehog

Humans!  Non-humans!  The Your Song Community Collaboration is finally here!  I’ve got some tasty tracks lined up for you.  Not just any tracks, either.

The evolution of hedgehog songs

The best hedgehog songs are right here, starting with Rufus Thomas.  Thomas was a hip cat hog who wrote this song when he was strolling around the ‘hood singing nursery rhymes.  Only the coolest of the cool can do something like that.

I know he meant to sing “hedgehog” instead of “dog”.  The label must have told him “dog” fit better.  Pffft.

“The Dog,” by Rufus Thomas, 1963:


The Stones jumped into the hedgehog scene by covering Rufus Thomas’ modified song, this one about walking the hedgehog.  I figure “dog” was easier for Mick to sing that day.

Walking the hedgehog

“Walking the Dog,” performed by the Rolling Stones, 1965:


Oh, man, one of the best is…

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