15 thoughts on “These Kids Need Your Attention

      1. I find the degradation of our culture appalling. I’ve heard it said that once a culture accepts the degradation of one group of people it opens the door for everyone. The biggest mistake of the past 50 years was normalizing the Lethal Medical Neglect of the mentally ill, the crime we call homelessness.

        People cling to the myth that mandated treatment was cruel, as if letting gravely disabled people die from hunger and exposure on our streets is an act of compassion.

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      2. I absolutely agree Rob. I live in a town in MA that once was home to one of the most infamous state mental hospitals in the country. It was closed around the same time all the others were closed. And so many patients were kicked out onto the streets with no access to the help they need. Instead of fixing what was wrong with these hospitals we shut them down further victimizing the mentally ill.


      3. We redefined mental illness as a ‘civil rights; issue and released people who need in patient treatment to ‘live in ‘liberty’ while taking away access to medical care, housing and food.

        Accepting homelessness as the price we pay to protect the ‘Right of the mentally Ill to refuse treatment’ is one of the most breathtaking hoaxes the American people have ever played on themselves.

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      RUSSIA: Tier 3

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