These Kids Need Your Attention

from Tammy Mezera ~ Poetry

Tammy Mezera

I cannot seem to wrap my mind around how more than 70 children went missing from the Kansas foster care system. Not one person seems to know where they’ve gone. Lawmakers have no idea what has happened and when Kansas State Senator Laura Kelly asked the Department of Children & Families, they knew nothing of…

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12 thoughts on “These Kids Need Your Attention

    1. Russia is a Tier 3 source of human trafficking, some of that involves the use of children.

      RUSSIA: Tier 3

      There were also reports of children and women from Europe (predominantly Ukraine and Moldova), Southeast Asia (primarily Vietnam), Africa, and Central Asia being subjected to sex trafficking in Russia. Law enforcement cases from the reporting year indicate forced prostitution occurs in brothels, hotels, and saunas, among other locations; certain traffickers advertised the sexual services of some minors over the internet. In 2014, Russian women and children were reportedly victims of sex trafficking in Russia and abroad, including in Northeast Asia, Europe, Central Asia, Africa, the United States, and the Middle East.


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