The Smorgasbord Health Column – The Organs of the Body – The Brain – Part One – Introduction and Anatomy.

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I have received a number of emails on various health issues and one topic that comes up frequently is the fear that if we live long enough we will suffer from one form of dementia.

Last year I covered the major organs of the body. I appreciate and that many of you will have read these posts before but I hope that those of you new to the blog will find interesting.

The Brain –  Introduction and Anatomy

For me, the brain has always been a fascinating part of the body as it is this organ rather than our hearts that makes us the person we are.

I remember the first heart transplant in 1967. The operation hit the headlines and because we had so recently left Cape Town I found it even more exciting. Dr. Christiaan Barnard pushed the boundaries of not just surgery but our understanding of the…

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