Fear Itself

First posted October 10, 2016

Art by Rob Goldstein

Below is a YouTube video in which Donald Trump tells his supporters to kick a protester out of the audience.

In this second video you see Trump’s supporters beat the guy up. In the background you hear Trump shouting, “Get him the Hell out of here,” as his supporters cheer.

Where have I seen scenes like this before?

Donald Trump is not just a privileged blowhard like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Donald Trump is a charismatic Narcissist whose enablers are willing
to shred our Democracy to prop up Trump’s Narcissistic delusions.

None of this is new.

Dying for a principle is not new.

Neither is dying to keep in place a class system in which only the wealthy élite prosper.

How many times do we have to do this: the torture, the scapegoating, the democide, the bigotry, the slavery, the inquisitions, and…

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13 thoughts on “Fear Itself

      1. Yes, I’ve had the same reaction many times. It makes me want to scream “HOW?” But I already know the answer to that. The thing I don’t accept or understand is that 1+ year later the squatter (#45) is still in the Oval Office…

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      2. At no other time in our history would our leaders or our press so blandly accept a foreign puppet as President. His treason is not a suspicion anymore; the public evidence is damning. Reagan’s generation would have pulled Trump from office months ago. The conspiracy with Russia aside, no previous generation of Americans would have let a confessed rapist become their president.

        The fact that Trump remains President speaks to the effectiveness of Putin’s assault on the
        American mind.


      1. Putin is also targeting the UK and regardless of whether one was for or against it Brexit, it’s starting to look as if the Brexit vote is as much of a sham as our 2016 Election.

        Words cannot express the resentment I feel for Russia’s meddling old tyrant and his cowardly attacks on our Democracies.

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    1. I found this in my archives and I was surprised by the date. This was posted a full month before the 2016 election. Nothing has changed except that this horrible man calls himself our President.


  1. Trump, must be, for some people, like the frog you kissed to get your handsome prince, and they are still hoping this frog of theirs, will yield a prince.
    And I do apologize for insulting frogs with an unfairly negative comparison.

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