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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hi ya’ll. Yes, you are at Jazz Age Wednesdays.  Pull up a chair and get comfortable!

The Train_008Art by Rob Goldstein

I’m working on the story for Chapter 3 of Hullaba Lulu.  Rob has already created a collection of wonderful images, and sent “three things” to drive the story. However, I’ve been dealing with “stuff” again for the past week (and weekend), and it kept me from writing.  So rather than give you a lower “quality” (not to mention rushed) episode I’m sharing a couple of things in stead.

Artist Rob Goldstein is collaborating with me for the new series, Hullaba Lulu. Rob shared some of his art for the “Lulu-verse” at his blog. There are new images, and some that you might not see here during the series.  Click here, it’s a fun post.

Magic table purple seated Gramps Valentino LuluGramps, Valentino, and Lulu — by Rob Goldstein

Next… I’m…

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15 thoughts on “Jazz Age Wednesdays & Hullaba Review

      1. Oh my, this makes me very very happy! You are so talented and I feel most honored about what you said here. I am looking forward to what all unfolds and develops from here, Robert!!

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      1. the 20’s and 60’s share several common themes:

        a Prohibition: in the 20’s alcohol, in the 60’s marijuana.
        Feminism and new sexual freedoms for women.
        A social rebellion against religious and conservative restrictions.
        Androgyny in fashion for women in the 20’s and in the 60’s for men.

        I’m sure there are other parallels.


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