Spam on my wordpress account from Russian smut peddlers

Is Anyone Else Getting Spammed by Russian Sexbots?

Should I be flattered?

Spam from 'sexy' at .ru. Some of these bots try to hide the domain
Spam from ‘sexy’ at .ru.

Is it a coded message?

Spam on my wordpress account from Russian smut peddlers
Spam from more ‘sexy’ at .ru.

Do the exclamation marks and marks and plus signs have a meaning?

screenshot of Spam from Russian Porn sites
Spam from Russian porn sites

Is Roman saying he wants to bang me? !!!

Spam on my wordpress account from Russia
Spam from ‘sexy’ at .ru. Some of these bots try to hide the domain name.

It’s a mysterious mystery, yes?

Animated gif of invader zim saying I don't care how delicious he is, he's evil

What do YOU think?

Rob Goldstein 2018

107 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else Getting Spammed by Russian Sexbots?

  1. I thought I was the only one! I’m so glad to know I haven’t just been targeted. I had hundreds of but with tons of other letters.
    And YES the trash button has been moved adn I have accidently removed a follower and a comment. So frustrating

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  2. Yes I got very many of these very same spammers on my comments and on my posts when I returned to my blog Robert.. Some were using real blog addresses that they have pasted, others made up. I was annoyed as I have my settings set to sign in .. I put them in spam.. then the rest just flew there. But it is annoying when they target your followers by pressing like their comment.. They changed their logo pictures too. But it seems quiet again now..
    Thank you for sharing .. Sue

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      1. It’s shocking, and now the RNC has launched a smear campaign against James Comey. I didn’t agree with some of his decisions but I know the difference between someone who tries to live with honor and a pathological liar. In bizarro America, 2016, the liars, cheats, hypocrites and traitors think they have the moral high ground.

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      2. I’m with you (as usual). I listened to journalists all night dissecting the book. Sure, maybe he threw a few digs in there, but let us not forget how we was treated AND FIRED! Revenge is best served cold! 🙂

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      3. I see the timing of the events of the past week as a counterintelligence effort.

        If you want send a malignant narcissist off the rails you nip at them with the truth. This is a fascinating moment in World history. The outcome of this struggle with Vladimir Putin will set the tone for the rest of the first half of the 21st century.

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      4. The past few days I’ve learned about how our nation gathers and uses intelligence. I’ve watched Comey in three interviews. Stephen Colbert grilled him about his decision to announce the Clinton emails and his answers were consistent. He may have made a mistake; he thought he was doing what was right in a toxic political environment. He accepts responsibility for his part in the outcome and it looks as if he wants to work on making things right. In other words, he’s an adult. In the meantime, Stormy Daniels has a brilliant lawyer.

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      5. Michael Avanetti is brilliant, and now he is famed! Comey, I agree with you, I saw the interview. My take is that I think he released the book too early. What’s going on now with him in the center is not putting him in favor with many. And despite the respect he has from many, that announcement about Clinton was probably the worst thing that happened to America. I don’t think he’s getting the kudos he expected.

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      6. Michael Avenneti is a smart and charismatic man. Everyone I know wants to marry him. Yes, Comey may be too early but he is right: Americans need to have a serious discussion about who we are as a people. Comey may not be getting any kudos but he’s introduced a new context for the way we discuss Trump and the Russian attack on the 2016 election: the mobster. When viewed from that perspective the criminality of the Trump campaign and presidency makes sense. I suspect Comey is laying the groundwork for what Mueller is yet to reveal.

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      7. Agreed on all counts. And yes, I believe Comey is laying groundwork and he has to walk on egg shells how he projects it all because of the ongoing investigation. And sadly. naysayers will always be naysayers.

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  3. Hi Rob, this is happening all over WordPress at the moment. They are aware of it. Most will go to spam, but I’ve seen a few appear on blog posts because the blogger has approved them. One blogger had their computer infected when they clicked on one of the links (so I read) so best to ignore them and continue to send them to spam if they manage to escape to your comment list waiting for approval.

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  4. I had 121 spams in one day from different names but all using @
    How can anyone be certain they are from Russia. The way hackers can reroute – it could be from anywhere.

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  5. Yes. Twice now. I only noticed them because Word Press sent them directly to the spam folder. I seldom ever get spam but saw there were “20” so I looked. Some of them have links to Word Press blogs as if to make them appear legit, but I didn’t visit. It might be time that we reported those blogs to Word Press.

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      1. Thus far, I’ve been permanently deleting them, but if there is a next time and it gives a wordpress blog address, I’m saving it and will go to WP support

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  6. Over three hundred of the things in one day, and a lot of ‘likes’ on the site too from them… and no idea how to stop them, other than hoping the spam filter and blacklist catch them.

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      1. Same here, sadly. I wonder though if we would ever be satisfied with what they do? They are never going to be able to take the line everyone wants and will only agree with the few.

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      2. My personal experience is that no government is perfect, no government will ever be perfect, and that well informed voters who understand the rule of law and show up at the polls are the best check on corruption.


    1. With Russia’s abuse of IT and social media in the news it was weird to find these Russian porn sites spamming my wordpress account. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Thanks for leaving a comment. I wonder what the little symbols mean? Am I a plus plus or a minus minus?


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