Illustration depicts the character Valentino, from Hullaba Lulu on a train platform

Hullaba Lulu 5.1

It’s Jazz Wednesday on Teagan’s Books

Scenes for Episode 5.1 of Hullaba Lulu, on Teagan’s Books.

Hullaba Lulu,  written by Teagan Geneviene and Illustrated by Rob Goldstein

‘Button Up Your Overcoat’ by Ray HendersonB.G. DeSylva and Lew Brown

Sung by Helen Kane

Illustration depicts the characters of Hullaba Lulu in a diner
Lulu, Valentino and Pearl

19 thoughts on “Hullaba Lulu 5.1

  1. I don’t know how you managed what you did with family visiting, but I’m glad you did. So enjoyable for the rest of us! Teagan’s story and your artwork are a highlight of my Wednesdays. More, please 🙂

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