I lost my Buttons But Now They’re Found

Update: 4/28/18

My social media icons came
back today! Yay!


My Social Media Share Icons
have disappeared!

I can comment but can’t like
or share.

I have access to these icons in
the reader but the posts I want
to read don’t show up.


It’s frustrating.

I will ‘like’ and ‘re-blog’ when WordPress
solves the problem.

Update: 1:42PM. I just noticed the ‘Follow’
option is also gone.

In the meantime I’m using the reader which
let’s me access the ‘share’ icons.

What is going on?


33 thoughts on “I lost my Buttons But Now They’re Found

  1. The danged WP gremlins are seriously hard at work on many fronts. I’ve noticed ‘like’ buttons missing on quite a few blogs. And spam, don’t get me started. I get more spam per day now for the last 2 weeks than I get in a whole year! 😦

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  2. Is it all fixed now, Rob? I recently lost the ‘reblog’ button on my blog after removing the ‘like’ button. When I reported this to WordPress, they said I couldn’t have the ‘reblog’ button without having the ‘like’ button. Apparently, the two buttons are linked (I can’t understand why they’d want to link those two buttons).


  3. WordPress gremlins strike again. We had a disappearing re-blog button problem recently. It did eventually get fixed but it took a while. I think the Happiness Engineers were quite surprised by how many people complained about it.

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  4. I wish they could gremlin-proof WordPress. It’s been a couple of years of constant snarling and biting from them. Maybe they can build a wall around it. Mexico will pay for it…
    Seriously, I know it’s frustrating, Rob. Great big hug.

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