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    1. Thank you, Robbie. I’ve always been on center left and the other day I realized that because of Trump my goal is to preserve the rights we’ve won since 1969. This makes me a conservative.

  1. All of this is a hard pill to swallow
    But my guess would the next generation,I can’t see another 4 yrs
    Of carrot top,the babies will save…all of the children…..mavin gaye said it what’s going on

  2. In what seems like a “past life” by now, I used to hate the “not my president” remark, being committed to the laws and systems of my country. HOWEVER… this really is not my president. He didn’t win the popular vote. Moreover, he was put in office via a hacked election, with an Electoral College that is obsolete, and should (through proper process) be abolished. It’s time for the USA to be a true democracy, not just the representative one that was once appropriate for us, when much of the population could not read or write, when many could not physically reach the voting places.
    Groan… I’m on my Julia Sugarbaker soapbox again… Sorry.
    TGIF hugs, Rob!

    1. Hi Teagan, you rarely share your political views so it was good to read them. How can a con man who took office as part of an attack on our country by an enemy nation be ‘our’ president? We owe the office our allegiance but not the man. We must impeach and prosecute Trump and all of his co-conspirators, regardless of who they are, up to and including Gorsuch, who sits on the Supreme Court because Mitch McConnell subverted the will of the people by not vetting Obama’s nomination.

    1. It looks like a cycle. The real question is whether we can shale off this bout of fascism without global death and destruction.

      We saw this in the early 20th Century. My hope is that we can learn from history and correct this trend before it destroys us.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Ivor.

      I chose the video because of the age of the performers. Our young people are not having fascism and if we adults have any sense at all, we’d listen to them; they are the ones who must live with and suffer from the decisions we make.

      Fascism is a choice.

      Fascism is a choice that we don’t have to make.


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