Black and white photo of Rudy Vallee with his trombone By Bain News Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s do the Raccoon

Teagan and I are hard at work on this week’s Jazz Wednesdays which means
I have to take a short break from Art by Rob Goldstein to make illustrations.

Several of Teagan’s readers have asked how I make the illustrations for Hullaba Lulu, so here’s a quick explanation: to make these illustrations I use two gaming computers and a virtual reality platform.

Each virtual photo shoot takes about six hours and I usually have to do two shoots to get the images I want.

I use four to six avatars per shoot.

Each avatar must be dressed, posed, and positioned, and getting this right
takes total concentration.

The sets I use must be built or purchased, and modified and sometimes

I take at least five to six gigabytes of high-resolution bitmap files per shoot.

Post-processing also takes concentration because the avatars are usually
distorted in subtle ways, so in that sense I use Photoshop to redraw the scene.

An illustration for Hullaba Lulu made in virtual reality, the image is of a male avatar holding a trumpet to represent the character of valentino

This short video is composed of extra shots from the last six shoots for Hullaba Lulu.

Hullaba Lulu – Chapter 1

Hullaba Lulu – Chapter 2

Hullaba Lulu – Chapter 3

Hullaba Lulu – Chapter 4

Hullaba Lulu- Chapter 5.1

Hullaba Lulu – Chapter 5.2

Hullaba Lulu – Chapter 6

Hullaba Lulu – Chapter 7

A Hullaba Lulu Extra

Hullaba Lulu – Chapter 8

Hullaba Hodgepodge

Hullaba Lulu Dreams

Hullaba Lulu Chapter 9.1

Hullaba Lulu Chapter  9.2

Hullaba Lulu Chapter 9.3


I have to go see a man about a dog.

Doin the Raccoon by Rudy Vallee, 1928
Graphics and video by Rob Goldstein (c) 2018

36 thoughts on “Let’s do the Raccoon

  1. You have created so many amazing images for this series, Rob! You and Teagan are a stellar pair. Reading the number of hours put into this, I am even more in awe of your commitment ❤

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    1. Thank you, Christy. At some point, I will write a post to discuss how my alternates learned to co-operate to make these pictures. Prior to Hullaba Lulu the alternates that used VR used it separately or in couples This is the first time all of them have collaborated on the same project; it’s another step in the process of learning to accept that they are part of one person. That I can make a commitment like this is wonderful. I can’t change the fact that I have DID but I don’t have to be sick with it.

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  2. I still don’t understand how you do what you do. All I know is that it’s astounding and I hope you keep it up. Your dedication to your art is admirable. Passion is what drives creative types and you clearly have it for what you do—lucky us! 😀

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  3. Wow, Rob… Your process is even more laborious than I thought — and I already thought it was difficult and intense.
    Another pos-i-lutely fabulous video! I spotted several shots that I haven’t seen before. I love the close-up of Gramps with a portrait of Lulu in the background.
    I want to link back to this in the next chapter.
    Thanks for this beautiful post. Hugs on the wing!

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