VR photograph depicting a young woman in a bath towel preparing to take a bath

Singin’ in the Bathtub


Illustraton staged in Virtual Reality to illustrate Hullab Lulu, image depictts and avatar in a bubble bath bathtub while a robot holds her towel
Singing through the soap suds

Yesterday was Jazz Wednesdays on Teagan’s Books.

Check out Hullaba Lulu and enjoy this short excerpt
from the 1929 danced song, ‘Singin’ in the Bathtub,
performed by Scrappy Landers, written by Michael H.

I’m still dealing with problems keeping me away from my blog.

To my amazing followers, please accept my apologies.

In the meantime:

Illustraton staged in Virtual Reality to illustrate Hullab Lulu, image depictts and avatar in a bathtub while a robot holds her towel
While Singing in the tub

I can yodel opera
Even while i scrub
Everybody’s happy
While singing in the tub

Graphics and Video by Rob Goldstein
Singin’ in the Bathtub
1929 by Michael H. Cleary

34 thoughts on “Singin’ in the Bathtub

      1. Well, our leader is disabled, but he ain’t have any problems. He’s having the time of his fat, white-assed life. Which makes your statement all the more heartbreaking.

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    1. Thank you, Hugh. I will admit that it’s a challenge but that’s how we grow. A writer friend of mine used to say, once you hit a creative vein you go with it because if you don’t you’ll lose it. When I start a shoot I have no idea of where I’m going to go with it, then the process kicks in. I appreciate your comments. You’re a Shiek 🙂

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      1. When I do a photo shoot in VR I’m in control of every aspect of the environment, the world is palette of colors and objects. In that sense, it’s more like painting than photography, as when I sit down to write. There’s a moment when everything clicks and the words just come.

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  1. So much fun and so gorgeous. That video is amazing!
    I just saw your comment above to Sue. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. I pray all goes well.

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    1. I’m so glad you like the video. My friend has surgery on June 1, so I will be going to appointments with her. It may be these videos will be all I post for the next couple of weeks but I will do my best to keep up.


    1. Thanks Paula. These are luxury problems compared to what I see on the streets when I leave my house. It’s always wise to consider one’s blessings. I need to see the magic on your blog before I go to work on next week’s chapter. 🙂


    1. Thanks Sue. My partner is having a trauma response to events in Nicaragua; his family was marched out of Nicaragua at gunpoint in the late 1980’s, and I have a friend who is preparing for surgery in a couple of weeks, so they both need my attention.

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      1. Thanks Sue. I appreciate that. This is a very hard time in the U.S. for the endless list of people subject to the hostility of our so-called President. My friend is having a complex procedure and her health plan thinks it can send her home on the same day of the surgery. It’s surreal.


      2. It is little better here these days. I’ve been sent home within hours of surgery… and told to buy my own pain relief on the way… only to be rushed back as an emergency a few hours later. I hope all goes well for your friend.

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      3. I won’t let Kaiser send her home. HMO’s want the ‘consumer’ to enable their need for profit. I’m not a consumer. I’m a patient and so is my friend. I pretty much say it like that too: “We’re not here to enable your greed and if you think we won’t take you to court you’re wrong.” I’m what they call a squeaky wheel. 🙂


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