I am not an Animal

I am a human being.

Re-processed digitized image scanned from an oil painting by Eastman Johnson, A Ride for Liberty, The Fugitive Slaves
A Ride for Liberty – The Fugitive Slaves

Do you agree with me?

22 thoughts on “I am not an Animal

      1. Every. Last. One of them, including Democrats who vote for Trump’s corrupt court nominees. We need political leaders who will place their obligation to protect and defend the Constitution above personal gain and political party. If our congressional leaders can’t step up and simply be Americans when out democracy is under threat they need to go.

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      2. Couldn’t agree more. Well said! I’m sick and tired of party-line governance. When the duck did they stop making decisions for the best interest of the country? Or have they always been this blatantly negligent?


    1. Not just people of color, but a theocratic tyranny in which gays are imprisoed and women are used as breeding stock. Theocracy still the political model in certain parts of the South. But theocrats are invariably corrupt, as we saw when evangelicals supported a pedophile for the Senate.


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