Paintings by Giorgio de Chirico as part of a virtual set that includes the robot from the film Metropolis

Still Life with Giorgio de Chirico

It’s Jazz Wednesday’s on Teagan’s Books and
time for another episode of Hulaba Lulu.

Lulu stands at the nexus of Pittura Metafisica
and Metropolis.


A Female avatar in 20's attire stands in front of paintings by Giorgio de Chirico and the Robots of Metropolis
The Nexus of Pittura Metafisica and Metropolis.

Pittura Metafisica is one of the words Teagan must
use in the writing of Hulaba Lulu.

For Chapter Seven’s illustrations, I used some of the ideas
of proponents of Pittura Metafisica, such as a dreamlike
juxtaposition of incongruous objects and a disquieting air
of mystery, though I hope my images are more humorous
than disquieting.



Please enjoy this week’s video and check out Chapter Seven
of Hullaba Lulu!


3 thoughts on “Still Life with Giorgio de Chirico

  1. Rob, I very much enjoyed your thoughts here. It’s marvelous to have a bit of the story behind the gorgeous images and videos you make for Hullaba Lulu. You’re the caterpillar’s kimono!

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    1. This kind of creative expression is new for me. I’ve always used VR to illustrate some of my narratives, but not with this much focus — and never with such complex story boards. What I find satisfying is that I can do it. I could not have taken on a project like this when I first started blogging in 2014.


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