Empaths and Energy Sucking Vampires

from The Sisters of the Fey

The Sisters of the Fey

Spiritual Connections - Empathy

It should be no big surprise that empaths attract energy sucking vampires and narcissists, who are often associated as energy sucking vampires as well. Empaths absorb the emotions of others, are sensitive to other’s energies, and often are like human lie detectors. As an empath myself, I often refer to myself as a ‘soul reader’.

A soul reader is a highly intuned empath who has the uncanny ability to read between the lines when people speak – or don’t speak. We can see the invisible mask. we can hear the words that are unspoken, we know what goodness or mal-intentions are held secretly when we hear their words and the words omitted.

Empaths often attract people with problems because of their sympathetic natures, but are also an open target for energy vampires and narcissists because of their open vulnerability to receive energies – good and bad. Empaths often hide their…

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    1. This is an important post because the sickness we call narcissism controls our government. It demands that we enable the lies, racism and the selfish brutality of placing property above the safety of our children. All of us need to remember that we have a right, if not an obligation to say no. It is not our job to help rich sociopaths to feel good about corruption, treason and the abuse of power.

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