Virtual reality staging of a dance scene in front of a replica of the Cotton Club from The 1920's

She’s a Girlfriend of a Boyfriend of Mine

Hi folks!

I’ve had a busy week.

Two old friends from the 70’s and 80’s, men I thought had died,
came back into my life this week.

I have not seen either of them in over 20 years.

One of is a successful artist in Vancouver and the other
teaches writing here in San Francisco.

I’m also helping another friend prepare for a surgery, which means
going with her to pre-op appointments and caregiver classes, and
helping her to find a qualified person to aid her after the surgery.

My friend’s surgery is next Friday and my old friend who lives in
Vancouver arrives in San Francisco a few days later.

I did make time this week to work on the illustrations and a video
for Chapter 8 of Hullaba Lulu on Teagan’s Books.

I had fun making the video. I hope you like it too.


I used to call her pet names

Tell her she was divine

A staging of the Cotton Club of the 1920's with avatars doing the Lindy on the street
Doing the Lindy

But she turned out to be a


A staging of the Cotton Club of the 1920's with avatars posing in front of the club
That Lulu is a bearcat!

of a boyfriend

of mine

Virtual reality staging of a woman on a Ferris wheel with the robot from metropolis in the foreground
A Girlfriend of a Boyfriend of Mine

25 thoughts on “She’s a Girlfriend of a Boyfriend of Mine

  1. Another great video, Rob. And I loved the ‘crackles’ in the music playing. It reminded me of the old 78rpm records my father used to own. He even had one of those old gramophone record players, which I used to play with. Sadly, now long gone.

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    1. Thank you, Jacquie. It’s a bitter sweet experience. When I see these old friends I also see the ghosts of our friends who were taken by HIV. Still, it’s good to know there are other survivors; there is a chance that my friend from Hawaii has my early journals, which went missing when we moved to San Francisco.

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      1. Very sorry for your loss, Rob. Thankfully they’ve found drugs to help patients survive much longer (and pain-free) with HIV.
        I hope you get your journals back, memories are precious.

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      2. When I was ten I wrote a short story for school
        about a witch and all of the kids liked it
        so I started writing and kept the notebooks.

        I was 30 when the notebooks went missing.

        I used to do descriptive exercises when I was
        a teen.

        I’d sit somewhere and write what I saw and

        I got the Idea from ‘I Am a Camera’

        Those are the journals I’d most like to see.:)
        Thank you for your kind comment.

        Those ghosts are painful, but they
        inspire me as well.

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  2. Rob ,it must have been great to catch up with your old friends after all of that time. And I’m sure your other friend is highly appreciative of all you’re doing for her. I pray her surgery goes well.

    The artwork and video are spectacular as always. You have a knack for bringing Teagan’s characters to life1

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    1. Thanks Mae. I was roommates with my friend in Vancouver before I moved to San Francisco. At that time we lived in Hawaii, were were both in our 20’s. He has some of my early journals and sent some of the sketches that he made of me. I’m preparing a post to showcase one of them.

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      1. Wow, I look forward to that, Rob. I’m sorry it took me so long to get to this post. The new video is terrific. (And I needed reminder of the boys at the club!)
        I hope you find time to get reacquainted with both friends.
        Hugs on the wing.

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