Portrait of a young man in Blue cropped from an old video

A Prayer for those Who Suffer

A prayer for those
who suffer

Lost on our streets

Lost to themselves,

A prayer for the stricken
and aggrieved

For the young in fear
of the future

For the old in dread
of the past

For victims silenced
by shame

For the angry whose
hearts are broken

For those who suffer most,

This is a prayer for you.

(c) Rob Goldstein 09/21/2016-2018


Β This was first posted September 2016 as ‘A Prayer for Those who Grieve.’
I’ve revised the poem.



44 thoughts on “A Prayer for those Who Suffer

  1. It’s a poignant but beautiful poem, Rob. The song is perfect. Lately I wonder about my own future being similar.
    I don’t know how much you revised the poem, but it’s good that you shared it. Hugs.

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  2. Yes, I remember this song! So nostalgic, we were going to better the world by making love and not war…in the future…now we are living in what then was the future…hmmmm So SAD.

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    1. It would be awfully nice if us Baby Boomers owned our mistakes and used our
      retirement years to correct them.

      Our parents got a lot of things wrong but they didn’t cave to fascists and they
      figured out how to use capitalism to promote democracy and human rights.

      Boomers did some wonderful things but we also made terrible mistakes.

      We either stand against trump and his master in Moscow or go down as the
      generation that sold out American Democracy.

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  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Robert. We must never forget that there are those who would give so much for only a smile, for being recognized, for being heard. That alone could change their lives!

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