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Trump, Roseanne, and Triggered Abuse Survivors

Tom Arnold was on The Anderson Cooper Show discussing ex-wife, Roseanne Barr.

Distressed and bewildered by her behavior, he blamed Donald Trump, saying,” Trump is triggering people with mental illnesses” and I agreed.

“I generally believe he thinks black people are dangerous and Mexicans are rapists,” Arnold said. “He believes that. As he perpetuates that fear to America, watch out Mueller is lying; he is after me. And so, Americans are sitting home like Roseanne and her fans, are like, oh my God, what is happening out there? And they get anxiety.” Tom Arnold

In 1991, Roseanne Barr came out as an incest survivor with DID.

A cover of People Magazine, 1991 with Roseanne Barr on the cover with the caption, I am an Incest Survivor B
Roseanne Barr on the cover of People Magazine 1991

I knew she was telling the truth when I read this:

“It’s like living in a maze. It’s like that old woman who keeps adding on to her house … But the parts don’t get along and some of them have some real strange ideas about how to defend ”  ABC News

When Roseanne Barr refers to her alternates as having ‘strange ways to defend’, she is referring to protector alternates and gatekeeper alternates.

Protector Alternates focus on perceived threats, and often find dependence, emotional needs and close relationships (attachment) threatening.

Gatekeeper Alternates control which alters take control of the body, and when.

Trauma and Dissociation

Pathological Narcissists are lethal to people with DID; I’m talking about dishonest and psychologically abusive men and women who invade our lives with chaos and lies and expect us to love them for it.

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Abusers use our trust to inflict damage on us and never apologize for it.

Abusers don’t want friends or lovers; they want hostages.

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Tell me you love me

People with DID share certain primary symptoms but each of us forms a
unique system of alternates.

I have two protectors but one of them is also a gatekeeper.

When I’m not on the Internet, I am someone named Matthew.

Matthew is a devout Catholic who has faith in human nature.

Matthew thinks pathological narcissism is an illness.

Matthew forgives the afflicted.

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Another part of me has the opposite view.

That part is Bob.

Bob is the gatekeeper-protector.

Bob ‘took Matthew away’ from a ‘friend’ who has a long history
of lying to us.

‘Matthew’ knows she lies but he ignores it because he likes the
‘good’ in her.

‘Bob’ thinks she’s gaslighting, which he considers psychological abuse.

As Bob said in therapy this week, “I’m sick of this shit. Trump’s used up all
my patience for lying bitches and psychopaths.”

Matthew is morally conflicted.

This is Bob’s attitude toward Matthew:

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found of GIPHY

This week Bob decided an apology for lying is a prerequisite for any
friend or president who wants to interact with Matthew.

He won’t let Matthew out to see his friend or answer her calls.

We didn’t know Bob had the power to keep the current host inside.

This is a new thing.

Is it a sign of health or a triggered response to the Psychopath in Chief ?

Animated Gif comparing Donald Trump and Charles Manson
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(c) Rob Goldstein 2018

I do not own the images in this post.

Please note: This post is not a defense of Roseann Barr’s behavior or comments.
Mental illness is not an excuse for bad behavior unless a patient is genuinely
out of control and in need of emergency services.



53 thoughts on “Trump, Roseanne, and Triggered Abuse Survivors

      1. LOL…But heads up. Putin has formed an army of trained liars to Canada to attack Trudeau. If Putin has his way the World will live under the tyranny of the Russian Mob. The most frustrating part of being a U.S. citizen is that most citizens are still in denial regarding the facts: the American people did not ‘elect’ Trump. Trump is President because Vladimir Putin used psychological warfare to subvert our political process. We can get rid of Trump but it won’t mean much if we don’t neutralize Putin and his
        sordid conspiracy theories and propaganda.

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      2. As usual you are right about all you said, but I hope he doesn’t spread his venom into Canada, your fake prez is doing enough damage here. And I can’t wrap my head around how any American doesn’t see the writing on the wall. Brainwashed!

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      3. Putin began months ago. I noticed more #Putinbots on twitter with the Canadian flag in their profiles. They were trashing Trudeau’s ‘leftist’ policies. Liars are awful people but and army of paid liars is disgusting. How do his trolls live with themselves.

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      4. What a bloody mess. I have been plenty worried about my own backyard, but hopefully because our country doesn’t deny Russia’s interference in politics we may stay safe. God help us all. And who knows what will happen today at the G6 summit. Yes, G6!

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      5. Putin has turned the former Soviet Union into an ongoing criminal enterprise based on pure capitalism. As such, Russia is more aggressive and more aggressively dangerous. Putin is true global menace who uses lies, extortion, and blackmail to subvert democratic systems.

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      6. I can’t even keep up anymore. But he did a great job of pissing off Canada and basically the whole free world. But he has no problem making friends with a torturous abuser of human rights (much like himself) killboy. But he’s such a stable genius, it will only take him one minute to size up Killboy. LOLLLLLLLLLL, he didn’t study either because of course, he’s been studying all his useless life. I say leave him there! And don’t think that NK, China and Russia aren’t laughing their asses of because unlike Herr Dumpf, they HAVE been doing their homework! And who on earth would leave a moron like him alone in a room with the butcher dictator to make secret deals and betray America some more???????????????

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      7. One doesn’t have to study when one already knows the scripted outcome.

        This is all designed to make Trump look like a hero to his base. In the meantime Trump is creating a new alliance with totalitarian states.

        Trump is not stupid. He knows what he’s doing and he knows why he’s doing it.

        The fact that it’s obvious seems to make it harder to believe. Isn’t that weird?

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      8. Yes! Absolutely he needs the praise. He hasn’t done one thing for the US with that alliance yet given NK the glory and soon to be Americanized with trump hotels and McDonalds so trumputin has somewhere to eat his cheeseburgers when he visits. Not to mention S. Korea are now fearing for their lives with the threat to take away troops who’ve been babysitting there for decades. One meeting with 2 lunatics over a lunch seems enough for him to give up the keys to the kingdom. Appalling!

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  1. Your explanation of how Trump’s narcissism triggers people with DID rings so true, Robert. He has hustled a whole nation into that maze and it’s horrifying beyond words. We’re swimming in a sea of manipulation and lies or drowning as we fight the tide. Your line, “Abusers don’t want friends or lovers; they want hostages” made me gasp with its truthfulness. Hang in there my friend. Stay safe and know that you are loved. ❤

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  2. Oh an PS I’m not defending her comments infact I have not read them. I just think we are summed up with more than just one line in one moment

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    1. She said a former advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, is a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.

      Comparing African-American’s to apes is right up there with the N-word.

      In 2012 Roseanne Barr was an Occupy supporter and a Green Party Candidate.


      Looks like DID so the question for me is, ‘What triggered her?”

      Of course the damage is done so what we may be seeing the price of having DID play out in real time.


      1. Oh good heavens that is a TERRIBLE thing to say!!!! Wow terrible. I had no idea. Thank you for educating me.
        Triggers can cause some serious repercussions because we don’t know what part said the comment and why. Seems sad all around to me for those who were offended to her and what she has gone through and then the reflection that may be made to others with DID. Causes so much speculation that is not needed.

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      2. Here’s what I think happened. Roseanne was abused, probably by someone like Trump. Narcissists are all pretty much alike in their symptoms: they’re selfish and petty and never see a boundary they won’t violate.

        I think Trump triggered her when he decided to claim her show as his.


      3. When I look as SHS I see a woman who was groomed to lie to protect an abusive Father. In my case it was an abusive woman but the dynamic is the same. I don’t know why certain people can’t see a way to free themselves. SHS stands in front of America and shames herself daily to protect a selfish undeserving monster. She has a choice but she has to let herself see it.


      4. So she hasn’t accepted the cruelty of her father or outwardly put the shame back on him where it belongs?
        If a person holds onto shame it can be so destructive

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      5. Look at her face. SHS knows she’s lying to protect a man who abuses women and demeans his office but she doesn’t seem to know it’s wrong and in this clip we see an excellent example of projection. By any standard a President who is under investigation for conspiring with a foreign power to subvert the U.S. election is the only news…But SHS blithely defends her lies and claims the moral high ground.


      6. It’s interesting because someone said the other day that someone that was in the news ” probably just had PTSD and that’s why they killed all those people” and I thought well I have PTSD so lets not lump us all together!!!!! Mental health topics are more complicated than I wish they would be

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      7. People can be so stupid. Some people with PTSD snap and kill people but that’s largely because we have a mental health system that doesn’t want to treat the sick. If I have PTSD and kill someone I’ve still committed murder. As long as I am aware of right and wrong I am guilty. What most people don’t understand is that having a mental illness is not the same as being insane.

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  3. I had no idea she has DID. I am so upset they canceled her show because of a comment. I mean look at the tweets Trump makes. They haven’t canceled him! To cancel a show based on a comment. I mean if a person is a rapist then sure cancel their show but this is absurdity

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    1. I think Roseanne is part of a much larger backdrop of provocative and
      lethal race related rhetoric and policies.

      Perhaps her ex-husband is right. Maybe she wanted the show cancelled.

      Sadly, Trump co-opted that show and made it about him and that may have
      played a part in getting it cancelled.

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  4. This is very insightful, Robert! I can imagine how the way a president rules a country can influence/trigger the mental health of people. Most of all when that mental health is already burdened. I did not know that Rosanne Barr has DID.
    When reading your post I thought if your alternates can have conflicts with each other when one is a protector/gatekeeper and the other one the “forgiver”. Or are the alternatives have their conflicts only with themselves?

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    1. That’s a good question, Erika.

      The conflict between the two alternates is more intellectual than emotional. Bob thinks this person’s dishonesty is unhealthy and Matthew thinks an intellectual awareness of the dishonesty is a kind of inoculation. The two will work out an agreement based on her behavior.

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      1. This is actually amazing. They are working together for each other. That’s why they don’t have a conflict which distances them but actually brings them closer together.

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      2. I don’t know why, But what you said here touched my heart. I am having tears in my eyes and goosebumps… which means, this is a profound truth. Perhaps because I feel how your alternates are drifitng closer together and actually merging. Again, goosebumps. Yes, healing all the way!!

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      3. It is a curious sensation to be so aware of aspects that are normally hidden behind memory barriers. I don’t know that I will ever merge, I’ve had DID for so much of my life that I’m not even sure I want to merge…but change is difficult, even when it’s for the better. Thank you so much for being part of my blogging community, and for letting me into yours, Erika.

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      4. I know what you mean. You found your way to deal with it and I think in some way it also gives you security. I am very thankful that we are connected, Robert. I learned a lot from you and for sure not only I.

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  5. I hadn’t thought about this before but I can understand how Trump’s behaviour can be a trigger for people with mental halth issues (as well as out and out racists).

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