#Bookreview – The Three Things Serial Story: A little 1920’s story

A review of Teagan R. Geneviene’s ‘three things’ serial set in the 1920’s on Robbie Cheadle’s blog: Robbie’s inspiration

Robbie's inspiration

The Three Things Serial Story: A Little 1920s Story

What Amazon says

The Three Things Serial Story: A little 1920’s story is a spontaneously written (“pantser”) story. Everything in it — characters, setting, plot, was driven by “things” left by readers of the blog Teagan’s Books, episode by episode. Each week readers left three more things. The story evolved according to what those random things inspired. The serial began with oscillating fan, which brought me the vision of the 1920s setting. The era and narrator continued in two more serials that followed. While it was not great literature, it sure was a fun ride! Many readers asked me to provide the serial as a book, and that’s what I’ve done with this novella. So sit back and enjoy the Three Things Serial.

My review

Teagan Geneviene is an amazing writer and has an incredible blog where she shares highly entertaining episodes of her latest “pantser” story. Here is a…

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  1. Yikes! I’ve been worrying that Lulu messed with something. The possibilities are endless, but I trust Teagan to handle them well.

    Great illustrations, Rob. You really are helping to lock in the feel of this story.

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