Photograph staged in Vritual reality of a train veering into the cotton club

Hullaba Lulu, The Shanghai Shuffle

Today is Jazz Wednesday on Teagan’s Books which means a new
episode of Hullaba Lulu.

When Teagan closed her last recap, everyone including the bots
was happily en-route to the Cotton Club in New York.

A photograph staged in VR to illustrate the Cotton Club of the 1920's
Lulu’s Gang at the Cotton Club

But while they’re at the club, stuff happens.

I’m not gonna say what happens, but what if Valentino’s train rolls through the club and sweeps everyone up in a roiling vortex?

I’m not saying that’s what happens, but what if?

A photograph staged in VR to illustrate a train passing through the wall of the Cotton Club
The Train is a Vortex

I used an excerpt from the 1924  ‘Shanghai Shuffle’ by Fletcher Henderson and
his Orchestra.


Click here for Chapter 9.2 of Hullaba Lulu

Graphics (c) Rob Goldstein 2018
‘Shanghai Shuffle’ by Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra.
‘Hullaba Lulu (c) 2018


13 thoughts on “Hullaba Lulu, The Shanghai Shuffle

  1. That’s some really fine work Robert
    Especially the page turning
    I hope all is well
    Today for me its the blue magoo
    As Sheldon Yoursly

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  2. It makes me happy that you get so into this, Rob.
    If I had known there was a 1920s song that mentioned Shanghai, I would have sent the characters there when I was wanting to. Horsefeathers… But I couldn’t clearly “see” that destination, so they went where they’re going. (Or something like that.) 😉
    Wonderful images worked into a fab video. Hugs!

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