Sign in a shop window that enumerates the diverse cultures of people who call themselves citizens of the United States

Pride 2018: The United States of Everyone

This Pride Month, 2018, let us speak of liberation


Photyograph of a sign at an anti-Trump Rally which reads an Injury to one is an Injury to all
An Injury to One is an Injury to All

I am a proud warrior for social justice.

I’ve been at it for most of my life.

I am not nostalgic for the gay and feminist movements
of the late 20th Century.

I see these movements as unfinished business.

The Civil Rights Movement is not over.

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton:

The civil rights of people of color are Human Rights

The civil rights of women are Human Rights

The civil rights of LGBTQ people are Human Rights.

The Civil Rights of Immigrants are Human Rights.

The right of equal access to schools, housing and medical care
are Human Rights.

We seek the liberation of all human beings from all forms
of bondage

This Pride Month, 2018,  let us speak of liberation.

Let us unite with people of good will regardless of race, creed, gender,
gender identity, sexuality, religion, and political affiliation; let us unite to
liberate ourselves from the stifling oppression of a corrupt and toxic patriarchy.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2018

17 thoughts on “Pride 2018: The United States of Everyone

  1. Wonderful! Even though I (we) didn’t get to go this year, and even though it was stupid hot, Indianapolis had a record turn-out! 😀

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    1. What I find so weird is that in less than two years our government has regressed almost
      a 100 years. This corruption gave us the Great Depression. Trump distinction is that is our first President to work for an enemy nation.


    1. Rights are tenuous. They are given and
      they can be taken away.

      Class systems that reward predatory behavior are the source of inequality.

      We must make human rights central again to our discussions of economic policy.


  2. It means in some areas the London government allows us to make our own laws and to be responsible for certain issue. For example the Scottish Government can decide how to run the national health service and education. However, we are not ‘allowed’ to decide on matters such as immigration. In Scotland, we need immigrants to come here but London says we can’t have them. One day, we’ll be independent and free to make our own laws and even our own mistakes.

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      1. In Scotland, our devolved Parliament ensures that every law enacted is enshrined in human rights law. Unfortunately, there are some laws we can’t enact because we are not yet an independent country.

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