Virtual Reality photo of a make avatar holding a trumpet with musical notes swirling around

Hullaba Lulu: The Music Goes Round

Teagan and I are deep into the next chapter of Hullaba Lulu on Teagan’s 
Books, which means I need to take a short break to focus on making

Virtual Reality Image of a femail avatar in a costume from the 1920's
Lulu Stands in front of a section of Piazza d’Italia, 1934 by Arnaldo Dell’Ira

I made a visual narrative to summarize where we’ve been in the story this far:

For a complete chapter index Let’s do the Raccoon

See you guys Monday!

Graphics (c) Rob Goldstein 2018

“Piazza d’Italia” 1934 by Arnaldo Dell’Ira

Pubic Domain copy of a painting by Arnaldo_Dell'Ira_(1903-1943) called Piazza_d'Italia
Piazza_d’Italia by Arnaldo_Dell’Ira_(1903-1943

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    1. These songs are digitized 78’s I found on the internet archives.

      I’m going to have to learn how to use animation to liven up the staging.

      I’ve only begun to learn how to use VR this way and it’s largely due to the collaboration with Teagan. Thank you for your comment Diana. 🙂

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