Virtual reality illustration of robots dancing a fox trot

Hullaba Lulu: The Dance of the Bots

I wanted to link this week’s Hullaba Lulu video to San Francisco’s Pride Week so I used an excerpt from a 1929 Dorsey Brothers cover of ‘Am I Blue’ sung by Irving Kaufman.

Virtual Reality image of dancing robots
The Dance of the Bots in Purple, Rob Goldstein

It’s an unusual cover for 1929 and you’ll know why I chose it when you hear the song.

Am I blue

Sunday the 26th is Pride Day in San Francisco.

A couple of friends have remarked on how weird it feels to celebrate Pride
while the Trump Administration kidnaps children for reasons too horrific
too contemplate.

Here’s what I think: when the opposition doesn’t show up, the bullies win.

Happy Pride Month everyone and be sure to check out this week’s episode of Hullaba Lulu on Teagan’s Books.

‘Am I Blue’ The Dorsey Brothers with Irving Kaufman
Illustrations and Video (c) Rob Goldstein 2018

17 thoughts on “Hullaba Lulu: The Dance of the Bots

      1. Hello Rob! Sorry i had to privaticise the blog, because some cookies of are not named and this is illegal within the new DataProtectionRule of the EU. – You could press the link of the closed page, then i could invite you. Have a great day! Michael

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    1. I was shocked when I realized what I was hearing. I listen to 20’s music as I work with the avatars and props in VR and when I realized Irv was singing about another man I stopped everything because I thought I was imagining it. 1929? Maybe it popped in from a parallel universe?


  1. Fabulous video, Rob. Then again, I’ve come to except nothing less with your amazing talent. I am so sorry to hear about the food poisoning. I had an extreme case of it over the winter. The only other time I was that miserable is when I contracted the Norovirus but I think the food poisoning was worse. Feel better!

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  2. Rob, the video is marvelous. I’m glad you used that song again, because it’s so perfect for the mood of the current episodes of the story.

    My friend, vomiting is not in your head, and even if it was, it doesn’t change feeling sick. I was hoping it would run its course quickly, but that doesn’t sound like it’s the case. I hope you haven’t developed a food allergy. (My egg allergy acts just like food poison, and it’s nearly impossible to pin down all the things that contain egg…)

    I was at your Youtube channel and saw the terrific video you did for Pride month. Fabulous way to end it too. But, judging by the time it was posted… you aren’t getting any rest. Now, get some sleep so you can heal. 🙂 Hugs on the wing.

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    1. My memory of making the video is dream like which means I must have been asleep while another part of me processed the photos and made the video. I was exhausted when the day was over and slept from 8PM to 10 this morning. ‘We are Family’ was adopted by Gay Liberation and for a few years a big float of people dancing to it. I will always associate ‘We are Family’ with the gay liberation movement.


  3. Marvellous art work and that song…just Love it….those were the days when men were men and gay and blue…The women yearned and the only thing on their minds : to get a gorgeously and very gay man…Stunning stuff.

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