Photo from San Francisco's Pride day 2017

San Francisco Pride -Strength Across Generations

The first generations of modern gay activists were soldiers.

We fought for and still fight for a great and noble cause: the liberation
of all people from the tyranny of ignorance.

I made this video in 2015 with images from two years of Pride

This year I made a new version and added photos from 2017.

Fight for what’s right and decent and celebrate your life.

We are Family:


‘We are Family’ Sister Sledge 1979

Photography (c) Rob Goldstein 2018

27 thoughts on “San Francisco Pride -Strength Across Generations

  1. Fabulous video exuding life and happiness Rob. Beautiful and colorful! We have Pride month here in Toronto all of June. Last weekend was full of parades, sadly it poured rain all weekend though. πŸ™‚

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    1. A million people come to San Francisco every year to peacefully cerebrate, love, and diversity.

      Every year.

      And Pride events happen in different cities all over the globe, which means hundreds of millions of people gather every year in June to celebrate Peace, Love, and Diversity.

      Millions of people of all kinds to occupy the same space in time without persecuting each other and calling each other names.,

      The first time a million people peacefully gathered to celebrate peace and love Hollywood made a film about it and called it Woodstock.

      We don’t appreciate how extraordinary the Gay and Feminist Movements are. We have survived every onslaught through four decades of attacks and we only get stronger.

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    1. Thanks Hugh. Next year I’ll re-make the video and add 2018’s photos. The people are happy, diverse and glad to be alive whether its was the 2014 pride or this year’s-I feel like the people of the gay community genuinely succeeded in making the world a little better for our kids and grand kids.

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  2. Fantastic video, Rob. I’ve always thought that song was perfect for the cause, but I loved it from years ago too. There’s such a strong feeling of unity to that song — and you captured that unity perfectly in your photos.
    Hugs on the wing.

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