Virtual reality photograph of Lulu and the gang

Happy Birthday to Teagan from Lulu and the Gang

Today is Teagan’s Birthday,Β  so Lulu and the gang whipped up a surprise.

Virtual reality photograph of Gramps playing the Theramin
Gramps Plays Happy Birthday on the Theremin for Teagan

We hope you like pink soda with whipped cream, and the Theremin!

We also hope this makes you smile!

RG, 2018

51 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Teagan from Lulu and the Gang

  1. What a nice surprise for Teagan. I’m late in chiming in, but hope you had a fabulous day, Teagan. Happy belated Birthday!

    BTW, I finished Atonement Tennessee and left a review for you on Amazon. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel!

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    1. Mae! I’m sincerely honored. I’m taking off work the rest of the week, so I hope to get a lot of edits finished on Atonement in Bloom.
      Rob really made my birthday with all this. I’m so grateful. Thanks for your lovely wishes. Hugs.

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    1. That’s so true about Rob’s talent, Olga. Caring heart, brilliant mind, and artistic talent. We’ve talked about doing a virtual art show at my place in a few months. Maybe that will come to pass. Hugs.

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  2. Reblogged this on Teagan's Books and commented:

    This was such a wonderful surprise from Rob Goldstein! It’s not something I usually mention on my blog, but I enjoyed this so much that I had to share it here.
    Be sure to visit Rob’s blog and say hello. He went to San Francisco’s ‘Families Belong Together’ march yesterday. I’m looking forward to photos of it at his place.

    Oh, and coming this Wednesday on “Hullaba Lulu” we say goodbye to a friend.

    Hugs all around.

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  3. Rob! This is terrific. What a beautiful surprise. I’m smiling ear to ear.
    And pink soda would probably be strawberry — my favorite.
    I got a huge kick out of the theremin. I don’t know what magic you used to find that playing Happy Birthday. I’ve always thought they would make dogs howl, bot that guy’s dog didn’t even seem interested in the sound.
    Thank you so very much, my friend. Hugs on the wing!

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