#ShareAReviewDay – The Three Things Serial Story by Teagan Geneviene

from The Write Stuff

The Write Stuff

This morning, I’d like to welcome Teagan Geneviene to The Write Stuff. Teagan is sharing a review for The Three Things Serial Story, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. I sure did! Please remember to share far and wide today. We’ll do the same for you when it’s your turn. Enjoy!


5 Stars A unique and entertaining story set in the 1920’s
of Robbie’s Inspiration

The Three Things Serial Story: A little 1920’s story has a little bit of everything in it – a touch of a romance or two, stolen goods, a kidnapping, a gang of ruthless men and a satisfactory ending. Teagan manages to achieve all of this in a well written and interesting way based on three word prompts provided by readers of her blog each week. I am frankly quite incredulous that a writer can weave three prompts into each…

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