Smorgasbord – Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story Chapter Seven- Snow and Favourite Things

A loving Shaggy Dog Story from Sally Cronin

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51uI0kWA+ML._UY250_It had been a sad time for Sam and the family with the loss of beloved cats and kittens, but life also had its fun side, and Sam now shares his favourite things.

Chapter Seven – Snow and Favourite things.

Enough depressing talk, time to introduce you to some of my favourite things.The first of course is sausages. A delicacy that was not as forthcoming as frequently as I would have liked, but I would have to say that over my lifetime, this juicy addition to my diet ranked number one on my favourites list.

After sausages comes cheese and the smellier the better. In later years, cheese would feature heavily as part of my repertoire of party tricks; many guests would vie for the opportunity to see me in action.

The next two of these on the list are very cold. The first is ice cream and I first…

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