virtual reality photograph of a female avatar dressed as an Egyptian Goddess and a male avatar who is kneeling

Hullaba Lulu: Come See About Me

This week the avatar cast of Hullaba Lulu took a detour from Teagan’s universe.

Virtual reality photograph of avatars dressed like the robot from Metropolis, Tesla and an Egyptian Goddess
Life in Ancient Egypt

In our parallel universe, an unnamed Egyptian Goddess and Tesla go clubbing in the future. They have returned to ancient Egypt from the early 1960’s where they are big fans of The Supremes.

They’re teaching the bots to sing Motown.

To get the real Hullaba Lulu click here: Teagan’s Books, Hullaba Lulu

Virtual Reality photo of a make avatar holding a bubble and a female Avatar dressed like a Goddess
Come See About Me

Graphics (c) Rob Goldstein 2018

Come See About Me
The Supremes

20 thoughts on “Hullaba Lulu: Come See About Me

  1. Fabulous, Rob. I love that dress. I thought it didn’t have straps and then I saw they are almost like a fine chain. You could have been a dress designer.

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      1. There are clothing designers who only work in VR but some of them are real life designers who use VR to test out their designs. There are also skilled artisans who make props and poses. I know how to do most of this stuff but the props are so cheap I buy when I can. For me, time is more valuable than the two or three bucks it costs to buy a prop.

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  2. Lulu gets tossed for a loop! When I saw the title, the song was etched in my brain and I was wondering how on earth that was going to happen. Great video, love the Botsupremes! Thanks for starting Tuesday off on a good note, Rob.

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