Digital Painting based on an in game portrait of an avatar

Yesterday’s Hipster: The Digerati

The lad is a wiz with computers
and handy with grass.

Me: How is the lad today?

Henry: Quite beside himself.

Me: Lucky you. And the grass?

Henry: Never leaner–


Good boys go bad or die–

Henry still thinks he’s in love.

(c) Rob Goldstein 1992-2018

10 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Hipster: The Digerati

    1. Dear Rob,

      Thanks for your great art and the video with the duet singing. This was outstanding as usual.

      This is off subject. I am very upset at the Dems roll out of a message, “A Better Deal.” Forgive my language but WTF is that?

      What about this is the most important election of our lifetimes; vote for democrats; Do something, vote for democrats; Vote D for democrats, R for Russia; Want A Return To Decency, vote for democrats; Don’t want to be part of the US of Russia, vote for democrats, Save our country from Russia, vote for democrats; Don’t want children placed in cages, vote for democrats.

      You get the picture. If you do some of your memes, I and other bloggers will tweet away. We can’t wait for better leaders, message, etc. We’re it. We who are part of the resistance, the coalition of the decent, are it.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      1. I agree. We need some fire in the Democratic Party and I think Michael Avenatti is bringing it. I suspect that most Americans find the idea of a successful psychological attack on our country unfathomable. I think denial is a crucial reason Putin’s enjoyed such success. We are hostage by an armed minority of brainwashed Fifth Columnists, Americans loyal to Vladimir Putin. Better than memes is using our blogs to help people learn what they need to know to defend themselves from Russian
        propaganda; for instance, we can research and write a cheat sheet of known Kremlin Backed media outlets in the States and the UK, who owns them, how old they are and why they lack credibility.
        For instance, let’s say we were to take the most recent active measure, walkaway, and prove why it’s a Russian active measure and not a legitimate grass roots movement. As for the better deal: the Democrats need to own the New Deal and re-write it for the 20th Century. The idea that democrats are offering a better deal in relation to the GOP’s betrayal of American democracy is absurd.

        Democracy is better than tyranny. They and we are the guardians of American Democracy.

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