Friday Fun 7/27/18

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I feel random.

I have to cook half the night and get up early to finish cookin.

And that’s after workee workee and takin the girls back-to-school clothes shopping and grocery shopping. I amaze myself, I really do.

You guys, I finished that project at work and Mentor brought me eight other sections and said, “Here, work on This.” I’ve never done This before. This is a lot of work. And can I just say, This used to come in boxes and now This is all in tidy lil lectronic files? Isn’t that nice? I tell ya, a girl can keep her manicure in the digital age.

We had to do parent school things three days this week. We both have two to do next week. What the fuck is that about? In the midst of that, there was an evening parent meeting.


The Mister’s response to the mandatory…

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