Photograph of mating butterflies in Alamo Square Park

#ThursdayMotivation: Love is Love

I got the idea for posting a Thursday photo from Robbie Cheadle who is
doing it as part of a challenge from Sue Vincent.

I’m taking  short break to work on a couple of projects and because I’m
mesmerized by the current political moment in the United States.

I will be checking in.

In the meantime, please  enjoy this song;


15 thoughts on “#ThursdayMotivation: Love is Love

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Rob. I hope you accomplish a lot during your break. I will have to go and check what is new on the US politics front.

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    1. Hi Robby. I got some writing done and new panels for Hullaba Lulu. Our politics are mesmerizing and exhausting. It’s like we’ve crammed a decade’s worth of the ‘unprecedented’ into 23 months. Today a Republican House member was arrested by the FBI for fraud. Astonishing.

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  2. Love the music. Curious what the project is you will be working on. I’m working on a post the divisiveness going on. I have some suggestions for people. Watch for it. HUGS

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