Photograph of yellow roses on Valencia Street

Valencia Street Aria

On a walk along San Francisco’s Valencia Street toward the Mission I heard Mozart’s Exsultate Jubilate K165-Alleluia stream from the second story window of an old Victorian.

It was a wonderful San Francisco day and the gardens on Valencia Street were in bloom.

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Valencia Street Aria

Music: Mozart: Exsultate, jubilate: iv. Alleluja (McNair, Gardiner)
Sylvia McNair, soprano; English Baroque Soloists, John Eliot Gardiner,
Philips, recorded March 1993

Video (c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

53 thoughts on “Valencia Street Aria

  1. What a sublime image of the roses and buds. The video was wonderful also. Flowers can be amazing subjects. Lovely to see this post, Robert. ❤

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      1. WTF? Why aren’t companies held accountable for this type of action! Verizon sold it’s cable /internet business to Frontier and our service is so bad, I get knocked off the internet multiple times a day. To most that would be no big deal, for me losing a post or the changes is a big deal. There are so many hours in a day, I’m sleeping about four of them these days.

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