A San Francisco Construction worker on the job

The Construction Workers of San Francisco, 2018

Construction workers doing road repairs in San Francisco
Sharing a joke

Here are a few of the people who build the towers and repair the roads of San Francisco.

A San Francisco Construction worker stands in the back of his truck.
Standing in the Truck
A construction working on the corner of Hayes and Fillmore
Hayes and Fillmore
A San Francisco construction worker directs traffic
Directing Traffic
Two construction workers building a roof
On the roof
a Construction working mounting a scaffold
Fillmore at Haight
Construction workers on a scaffold, one eats a candy bar
Break Time
Two San Francisco construction workers peer into a manhole
Looking into the hole
A San Francisco Construction worker on a site
In the Frame
Theree San Francisco Constrruction workers at Fillmore and Haight
Street repairs
A Panoramic view of the San Francisco skuline with a crane in the centger
The San Francisco Skyline, 2014

(c) Rob Goldstein 2018

The Construction Workers of 2016

27 thoughts on “The Construction Workers of San Francisco, 2018

    1. What I find interesting is these folks are behaving the way we expect our political leaders to behave. These construction workers come from all over the world and they collaborate with each other to build things.

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    1. What impresses me is these guys are supposed to be ‘unsophisticated hard hats’ and yet they come from all races and gender identities and work together to build our city. I see white people eating lunch with immigrants from all over the world and in San Francisco a few of these men and women are certainly gay or trans. Yet, no fights, no murders, just lunch and back to work.

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      1. Yes, they focus on something completely different. People who are working on the same goal. Not more, not less! An example that it needs everybody to create with their particular talents and abilities… and not with their origins or whatever.

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  1. Great shots, Rob. These guys are the building blocks of the future. I’ve no idea how they work in all kinds of weather that Mother Nature throws at them. My ‘hard hat’ is tipped off to them for what they do.

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