Digital Painting based on Autumn Leaves

Autumn Chill

Autumn in San Francisco set to jazz

Photography and Video by Rob Goldstein
(C) Rob Goldstein 2016

The music came with the software I used
to make the video.


24 thoughts on “Autumn Chill

  1. This is stunning and makes me want to throw on a sweater, get some piping hot tea and curl up with a good book and/or movie. Thanks you for the images, dear Rob, shared and loved. xoxoxox

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  2. Hey Stranger!!!…
    I really enjoyed this!!!… the musik and video of such beautiful flowers and leafs …
    I was born in California and went back a handful of times a handful of year ago and I don’t remember the colors being so bright at all…hell I don’t know maybe it was just the area that we lived or my head injury lol…either way very beautiful my friend this was very relaxing and just what I needed to see and hear at this time…

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