#WordlessWednesday: The British Sailor – 1915

I found this 1915 photograph of a British sailor on a discussion board
in the 1990’s and played with it over the years in different apps.

I’m breaking the rule of #WordlessWednesday by explaining the photo
but I felt it needed context.

World War 1 started Jul 28, 1914 and ended Nov 11, 1918

Is that why the British sailor had this photograph made?

If he fought in the war, I hope he survived and had a good life.

Below is the photo as I found it:

A scan of a vintage photograph of a British Sailor dated 1915
A British Sailor 1915


For Me and My Gal” is a 1917 popular standard song by George W. Meyer with lyrics by Edgar Leslie and E. Ray Goetz.

32 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: The British Sailor – 1915

  1. HI Robert,
    I saw Hugh Roberts reposted this on Flipboard. Do you post there? I like the appearance of posts there. The downside, it isn’t well known as a social media site.

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    1. No, I haven’t posted to Flipboard. I try to limit my social media accounts because I’ve learned that I can’t track more than two. My main social media accounts are WordPress and Twitter with Google + tossed in as an appendix. Thanks for the comment, Chuck.


  2. Great photo, Rob. He is indeed a handsome chap. And he looks very proud to be wearing his uniform.
    When I lived in London, for the last few years, we’ve lived a five-minute walk from The Imperial War Museum. It was a great place to spend the day, even though it was about war. I always enjoy looking at the old photographs and film they had on display.

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  3. A handsome chap – I think most men and boys ( some lied about their age ) had their photo taken because they and their family were proud to see them in uniform. In contrast to today being photographed was a special event.

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      1. He does look aristocratic, but as the armed services have always been run on a two tier system – officer class and ratings, I think any aristocrat would have have been an officer. Would be great if someone recognised him as their relative!

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