Hot Dogs…Do YOU know what is in the Hot Dog you are eating?

Have you ever wondered what you’re eating when you eat a hot-dog?

Retired? No one told me!


I thought I knew much of what went into the food we eat and when I started this series quite by chance the other week I was shocked…And it takes quite a lot to shock me… I don’t eat Hot Dogs and never have … Unless it was a home-made sausage or a good sausage or I  was at a BBQ and have eaten the occasional proper sausage… So rare for me I haven’t had one yet this year so that tells you how often I eat any sausage…

There are many processed sausages and balls here…All displayed and looking tempting.

sausages - fish balls

Look at that display it is bright, colourful and I can see how it could tempt anybody to eat one…

But, honestly, when I look at anything like that I feel sick… I have always had an aversion to any food when I don’t know the origin and couldn’t…

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7 thoughts on “Hot Dogs…Do YOU know what is in the Hot Dog you are eating?

  1. I haven’t had any hotdog for more than ten years. On one occasion a few months ago, the only food served was hotdogs. I was hungry so I ate two. My system didn’t like it!!

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    1. Right. Every so often I indulge in one of the foods I used to eat when I was in my 20’s and I always wake up the next day feeling poisoned.

      I started to question my diet in my 50’s. Hearing a doctor describe me as obese is
      what did it.)

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