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The Trump Administration: Outright Fraud

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I know I’m behind on comments but the news in the States is

We don’t have to live like this:

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7 thoughts on “The Trump Administration: Outright Fraud

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    OUT RIGHT FRAUD!! Self-made billionaire, my arse!! … he received $413 millions from his parents and found the means to avoid paying taxes!!
    Included video … quite interesting!!

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    1. It just gets deeper and dirtier. Based on the evidence laid out in the story, trump’s entire family is an ongoing criminal enterprise. We can go with facts or with the conspiracy tinged lies of Putin’s operatives. I prefer facts.


      1. Many of us said he wasn’t right for the job! But our nation is often not as progressive as we think or pretend it is. Hopefully the elections will curb some of the insanity. Peace.

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      2. I force myself to remember that what most people call a Russian ‘hack’ was actually a military strike with operatives trained in the use of psychological warfare. The only way to curb the insanity is to remove Russia’s assets from all three branches of our federal government. It’s interesting to me that trump’s base was never more than 36% of the voting public. Registered voters are only a portion of all eligible voters. Isn’t it interesting that a sliver of the total population dominates the U.S. political agenda?

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