A meme of the American Flag Upside Down, in distress, found on twitter

Kavanaugh Confirmed

Avinu Malkeinu

Prayer of Repentance

Our father our king, hear our voice
Our father our king, we have sinned before you
Our father our king, Have compassion upon us
and upon our children

Our father our king
Bring an end to pestilence,
war, and famine around us
Our father our king, bring an end to all trouble
and oppression around us

Our father our king, Our father our king,
Inscribe us in the book of (good) life
Our father our king, renew upon us
Renew upon us a good year

Hear our voice
Hear our voice
Hear our voice


Rob Goldstein 2018
Distress Signal found on Twitter

10 thoughts on “Kavanaugh Confirmed

  1. To everyone who left a comment, thank you. As I was composing this post I had tears in my eyes, perhaps a result of a primal connection to my boyhood as an Orthodox Jew and a child whose grandparents who taught me the wisdom of Franklin Roosevelt and his vision of global human rights. To those who visit, please take a moment to listen to the song; it’s a beautiful rendition of an ancient prayer of atonement. I’m still on a short time out but I did want to thank you. πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Rob,
    About the time you think America can’t get any worse, we take a step in that direction. What happened to decency and human compassion? Where is the American spirit that made this nation? I pray to God we can turn the destructiveness back to a healing and positive direction. HUGS

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    1. For whatever reason, the ping-back I posted to your post didn’t show up. I was especially moved by the Cantor’s prayer. Thanks again for sharing.

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  3. Now the highest court in our land, the pinnacle of legal respect, has two accused sexual harassers and potential purjors, sitting in a state of power and glory. So goes The American Injustice System. It has always been badly flawed, but now it is fatally so.

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